At present, Althusser’s philosophy as a whole is undergoing a critical is closely related to the idea of “overdetermination” or the theory that. Thus overdetermination is used to refer to multiple causality – or for instance in Freud a hysterical symptom or in Althusser a revolutionary situation – or just the. While he borrowed the word and idea of dialectic from Hegel, Althusser insists that Marx The concept of overdetermination is Althusser’s way of expressing the.

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It had accumulated the largest sum of historical contradictions then possible; for it was at the same time the most backward and the most advanced nationa gigantic contradiction which its divided ruling classes could neither avoid nor solve. Fetishism is the mechanism which conceals the real functioning the real movement — wirkliche Bewegung of the dominant structure in the social formation, i.

At first glance, this charge might seem ridiculous.

Overdetermination – SAGE Research Methods

Thus distribution-attribution can be formally conceived as the combination Verbindung of a certain number of elements which belong either to the means of production or to the agents of production, a combination which occurs according to definite modalities. Whether these texts represent a continuation of, or even the key to his philosophy or whether they are an aberration is altuusser being debated in the secondary literature. Let us return to Lenin and thence to Marx. In fact at each moment of its development consciousness lives and experiences althysser own essence the essence corresponding to the stage it has attained through all the echoes of the essence it has previously been, and through the allusive presence of the corresponding historical forms.

Whereas Althusser had known only home, school, and P. In this understanding of history, feudalism must lead to capitalism and capitalism to socialism. The Marxist totality is neither a whole each of whose elements is equivalent as the phenomenon of an essence Hegelianismnor are some of its elements epiphenomena of any one of them economism or mechanism ; the elements are asymmetrically related but autonomous contradictory ; one of them is dominant.


Wolf and Gerd Peter eds. Althusser and his InfluenceLondon: Overdetermination is an ontology a theory of being, of cause and effect, of constitutivity that argues for the significance of overdegermination social and natural processes in the determination of all other social and natural processes.


Subsumption of the individuals under specific relations of production. Even though it is his most well known intervention, this was not the first attempt by Althusser to try and influence the Party he had tried once before during the althussre s from his position as cell leader at the ENS and it would not be his last.

There, on the 22 nd of October,he died of a heart attack. However, it is also the only one that Althusser in his late works argues is adequate for political practice and that does not, like idealism, merely serve to reproduce existing relations.

First there is the analysis of the pre-history of the mode of production, the genealogy of its constitutive elements, as they emerge in the interstices of the previous mode of production.

Marxism and scientific socialism: From these readings in the history of philosophy, Overdstermination aims to suggest that this tradition exists and that it is overderermination philosophically fecund and viable.

Althussrr abstract is the starting-point for theoretical practice, its Generality I, while the concrete is its end-point Generality III. Resnick and Richard D.

Alienation Althusser An ideological concept used by Marx in his Early Works and regarded by the partisans of these works as the key concept of Marxism. The synchrony of the social formation, or of one of its levels or elements, is the concept of its structure, i. Elliot, Gregory, []. Presses Universitaires de France, — Vatter, Althusserr, Althusser uses the analogy of these processes of psychical overdetermination to denote the different forms of the overdetermination of contradictions in the Marxist theory of history.


It also includes a Hegelian critique of the existing Catholic Church which suggests that the church is incapable of such an alliance without a theological revolution. I can only think of Gramsci.

Overdetermination – Wikipedia

Marx often says that what is hidden in capitalist society is clearly visible in feudal society or in the primitive community, but precisely in the latter societies we can clearly see that the economic is not directly and clearly visible!

To drive this phantom back into the night we need a little more light on Marxor what is the same thing, a little more Marxist light on Hegel himself. In his later works, however, the term appears very rarely, and where it does it is either used ironically, or with a different conceptual content in Capitalfor instance. In two short essays from on Marxist philosophy, this switch is fully apparent.

Early Writings London, NY: Some of these concepts have already been articulated in the discussion of the mode of production overdeteermination, but without being named. But in the same sentence Marx claims that this shelling of the kernel and the inversion of the dialectic are one and the same thing, How can an extraction be an inversion? There are names for these temptations in the history of Marxism: Enhanced bibliography for this entry at PhilPaperswith links to its database.