Cambridge Core – Sociology: General Interest – An Introduction to Japanese Society – by Yoshio Sugimoto. By these measures, An Introduction to Japanese Society is both much more-one orienting, explicitly aimed at attacking what its author, Yoshio Sugimoto. An Introduction to Japanese Society. Yoshio Sugimoto. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. Office Ladies and Salaried Men: Power, Gender.

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An Introduction to Japanese Society

Covering all aspects of Japanese society, it includes chapters on class, geographical and generational variation, work, education, gender, minorities, popular culture and the establishment. Essential reading for students of Japanese society, An Introduction to Japanese Society now enters its third edition.

Christina rated it liked it Mar 08, For example, in the geographical variation part, I did not agree in the way people raised outside Tokyo are considered as bilingual. Gender Stratification and the Family System.

An Introduction to Japanese Society – Yoshio Sugimoto – Google Books

The book also challenges some assumptions about Japan. Gender Stratification and the Family System – It’s very unfair to the ladies. Although I’m not sure what to make of the point about the women taking the guy’s family name after marraige. TkYL rated it it was amazing Feb 02, Ayla rated it really liked it Apr 03, This is a really common type of Japanese family.


First posted at With Love from Japan, Eustacia Return to Book Page. Feb 07, Bahia rated it it was amazing Shelves: For instance, when talking about gender inequality, he didn’t really point out the problem of the Japanese society itself causing this situation.

Also, the kind of geographical variations exists in every yosiho, not only in Japan. Class and Stratification An Overview.

But apart from my suspicions that Rena and I are secretly nerds well, one of us is from ACS I and the other from Hwa Chongit’s probably because we want to learn more about the country we’re living in If you’re curious, Rena borrowed a book on the Ainu and one of the religious practices of Japan.

So maybe it’s no longer the case? John Ostermiller rated it really liked it Jun 20, An Overview – Japan likes to think it’s egalitarian, but it’s not.

The Japan Phenomenon and the Social Sciences. But university as a four-year-break? I definitely recommend it for people interested in learning about Jap This book is a great primer on Jqpanese culture. Jan 26, Armando Bravo salcido rated it really liked it Shelves: Japaneseness Ethnicity and Minority Groups.

One thing I really don’t like about this book is that many of his points are not strong and deep enough to make claims or at least give the core of jspanese issue.


I don’t actually have a reason why I’m reading this book. You won’t become and expert on Japanese society after reading this book, but you’ll definitely have learnt something.

Published by Cambridge University Press first published Istvan Zoltan rated it really liked it Jan 20, This book is definitely a resource and is not the type of book you’d sit down and yosjio from cover to cover. Still, this reading is suitable for college-level learning about Japanese society although I wouldn’t recommend this one. Books by Yoshio Sugimoto.

An Introduction to Japanese Society by Yoshio Sugimoto

It’s interesting even if you’ve lived in Japan in the past, but accessible enough for someone who doesn’t know much about Japan. As an introductory text, An Introduction to Japanese Society mostly provides comprehensive coverage of a wide An interesting and academic take on Japanese society.

Popular Culture and Everyday Life. Sandy rated it liked it Jan 25,