Motet Notes. Anton Bruckner: Locus Iste. Although mostly known for his nine symphonies, Anton Bruckner’s compositional output includes sacred masterworks. ICON, SOURCE. , Pdf. , Pdf. , Midi. , Mp3. , Music XML. The famous Gradual for the dedication, that was composed for the dedication of the Votivkapelleof the cathedral in Linz.

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Locus iste, a Deo factus est, inaestimabile sacramentum, irreprehensibilis est. Helene Morleghem submitted Pange lingua, WAB 31 ca.

After another rest of half a bar, the first line is repeated.

This place was made by God, a priceless sacrament; it is without reproach. Anton Bruckner — Leven en Werken.

Motet Translations

Robert Urmann submitted Retrieved from ” http: Javascript is required for this feature. Rod Mather submitted Original text and translations may be found at Locus iste.


It was the first motet that Bruckner composed in Vienna. Throughout the section, only the upper voices, without a bass foundation, sing in chromaticismbruckneer in undefined tonality.

Emmanuel Music – Bruckner – Locus Iste – Program Notes

Motet by Anton Bruckner. It was published intogether with three other gradual motets. Retrieved 19 September Locus iste, a Deo factus locks.

I went back and forth on whether or not to use the treble clef with the little 8 for the tenors, but ultimately decided on the plain treble clef, which I think is quite clear enough. Jose Miguel Galan submitted Retrieved 2 October Bruxkner source file is in compressed. Symphonies — Symphony in F minor No.

In a gradual crescendothe intensity is heightened, but only to mf.

Locus iste (Anton Bruckner)

File recovered using the WayBackMachine of http: Contents 1 Performances 1. After a pause of half a bar, the tenor alone begins in sudden pp the middle section on a repeated note, imitated by soprano and alto. Locux bass begins each ” a Deo factus est “. Anton Bruckner Number of voices: Paco Marmol and Manolo Casaus submitted Creative Commons Attribution 4. The first recording of Bruckner’s Locus iste occurred in the beginning anto the 20th century:.


While some sources claim that the motet was first performed on the dedication day, 29 Septembertogether with the first performance of Bruckner’s Mass in E minor[7] it was actually performed four weeks later, on 29 October, at the same location.

Bosse, Regensburg,pp. Psalm settings — Psalm Magnificat Psalm 22 c. Gradual — Locus iste”.

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