: Assimil pack cd Iniciacion Euskara (Basque Edition) ( ): Assimil: Books. I’ve been studying with various methods (Assimil, Ikasten, Beginner’s Basque, If you speak French or Spanish, there’s Assimil’s IniciaciĆ³n al euskera – This was. Get Instant Access to Assimil Iniciacion Al Euskara By Ramon Lazkano Jean. Charles Beaumont #67c27a EPUB KINDLE PDF EBOOK.

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Oso hizkuntza desberdin eta interesgarria da, ezta? I can speak and write basque fluently,I’ve just applied for it. Related Discussions Euskara ikastaroa: It would be amazing if you could send in an application to the incubator and see if anyone else you know would be interested in helping create the course.

As an English speaker, there are a few good resources. I think it’ll help french basks reconnect with the language. A Catalan for Spanish speakers is being planned. So would i, there are several very good resources already, but i’d love to have a place to learn and practice it here at Duolingo, too: My advice would be to check out The Basque Languageit iniciacin recently reprinted so is easy to get ahold of again.

Unfortunately, the course is too short: Cheers for the info, crush, especially the music!

Anyone else out there interested in a course in Euskara Batua? It’s a huge course that claims to take you from A1 all the way to B2. No es tan divertido, pero al lniciacion tenemos Ikasten.

I’m a Basque speaker in Canada, assimil to volunteer if needed. Estoy empezando con este idioma gracias al curso de Gorka y a Memrise, pero Perhaps Basque Euskara can do the same thing.

That’d be great if it happened in English, Spanish, or French.

Euskara batua (Standard Basque/euskera batua)

Also, there’s a link to a more recent discussion i started in the post currently just above yours. Baita ni ere euskalduna naiz. Te toco por duo cuando habremos llegado y arreglado en nuestro hogar. I’m also currently trying to think of a good way to teach Basque online, sorta like a more gamified version of the Ikasten course. I’ll check it out. Yo estoy deseando aprender euskera.

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In fact, for nearly 10 years I have had an online fuskera for learners. There’s definitely a demand for it, though really there’s a demand for almost every language out there.

A more concerted effort for Euskara would be nice. I would be more than glad to help out but i’m still in the process of learning it and probably not the best candidate to write the course from scratch.

Still, it covers quite a bit and will help you be able to process Basque more quickly. There are several great resources already, some of them such as Ikasten are also free and very comprehensivealbeit a bit dry in content.

It’s a great course, you just need to take your time with it otherwise none of it will sink in. Again, i’ve started a vocab course for this book as well. No problem, i’d love to see Basque become more accessible and more people get interested, so i’m always excited when i see others interested in learning it as well!

I’m currently working through the B1 level here. A Practical Introduction by Alan R.

I’m currently about a third of the way through. There are Basque schools in France, but it seems they don’t get very much funding. Ah, i just realized that a few posts up there’s a more detailed review of some of these courses: The Assimil course if you speak French or Spanish is nice, really hard but nice, euskfra found it really useful for getting used to understanding the spoken language.

Ya somos muchxs voluntarixs, estamos esperando a que el equipo de Duo se ponga en contacto con nosotrxs: Luego eliges tu s lengua s materna spuedes escoger entre “Basque” “Spanish” “Both” ambos o “Other” otro. I see it mentioned quite a bit in discussions El euskera es mi lengua nativa y tengo el C1.


It’s different from every other language i’ve studied, i read about iniciaciion history, started listening to some Basque music i love Gure lagunei To our friends by Urko, the first Negu Gorriak album, and even some Basque rap like Norte Apacheand even learned a little bit about ancient Basque mythology from the Ikasten course. It’s a free PDF file that a learner of the language put together.

I read through it a while back, but was lost by the end. There are lots of examples and i enjoy reading the dialogs at iniciavion start of each unit. Also, there aren’t many of us, but the Basque forum at UniLang is a good place to go for help, questions, advice, etc.

I can be pretty slow inixiacion a 76 year old with cataracts but I think I could be helpful in your mission as I have an extensive vocabulary in euskara and am able to do translations.

Euskara batua (Standard Basque/euskera batua)

Eta zuk, euskaraz badakizu? Hey, I figured this assmiil be helpful, but Catalan is taking this approach. I started a topic to start more actively compaigning for a Basque course here: It’d be nice to get people together willing and able to work on a course. For advice, at least for me, the best way to study a language is knowing its music and literature, euwkera lets go! Agur eta eskerrik asko!

This doesn’t mean I am a fluent speaker as i have limited occasion to use my Batua unified Basque but my reading is fairly fluid.