AWWA Has Published C! Updates Include: • High Performance Polyethylene Resin (PE) with Safety Factor ≥ 2. • Zero-leakage allowance for. Plastics Pipe Institute position statment on AWWA C High density polyethylene (HDPE) has been used for municipal and industrial water applications for almost 50 years. HDPE’s heat-fused joints create a leak free.

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The pipe is primarily intended for use in transporting potable water in either buried or aboveground installations. This will facilitate performing the bend-back test.

Fittings described by this standard include fittings intended to be joined to PE pipe by thermal fusion. Compare the pipeline working pressure with the pipe’s pressure class. Hoop stress c9066 shall be based on the initial prior to test dimensions of the specimens.

The markings shall be applied in a manner that will not reduce the strength or otherwise damage the pipe.

The maximum anticipated, sustained operating pressure applied to the pipe exclusive of transient pressures. Details of other federal, state, local, and provincial requirements Awwwa. Use of This Standard. The pipe walls shall be free of cuts, cracks, holes, blisters, voids, foreign inclusions, or other defects that are visible to the naked eye and that may affect the wall integrity.


Sign up for our free newsletter. Updates in C include: Standard code designation of the PE material Sec. Fittings shall be homogeneous throughout and as uniform in color, opacity, density, and other properties as commercially practical. Pressure class PC ratings for pipe described in this standard are given in Table 9.

This is also confirmed in Table C. Standard material code designation such as PE The awwx shall be performed aqwa Additionally, PPI collaborates with industry organizations that set standards for manufacturing practices and installation methods.

Municipal & Industrial | HDPE Pipe | AWWA C | Potable Water

The resultant net peak stress during the surge event remains less than the peak stress capability of the pipe; therefore, long-term performance is assured. Description of fitting e. This test shall be performed daily or at least once per production run, whichever is more frequent, on specimens prepared as described in Sec.

News August 3, Colored coextrusions and pipe striping are allowed according to other provisions of the standard.

The following requirements may also be specified in the purchase contract: Average inside diameter ID can be calculated as follows: For special sizes of pipe Sec.

The manufacturer shall make available for use by the purchaser, without charge, the tools and assistance that are necessary for the inspection and handling of materials. Log In Sign Up.

Affidavit of compliance Sec. AWWA is the largest organization of water professionals in the world.


High Density Polyethylene Pipe

Peak pressure is compared with the maximum total pressure allowed during surge 9c06 in Table A The fitting shall meet the five-second pressure test Sec. This standard restricts the materials used for the manufacture of polyethylene pipe to three standard PE qwwa designations: To evaluate the health effects of products and drinking awws additives from such products, state and local agencies may use various references, including 1.

This standard presents cri- teria related to the manufacture and purchase of polyethylene pressure pipe to be used in the transmission of potable water in awwz buried or aboveground applications. In any case of conflict, the requirements of this standard shall prevail.

These pressure ratings do not apply to loose or floating backup flanges on thermoplastic piping stub ends. The defined surge capacities and corresponding allowable changes in flow velocities are stated in Table B. The elevated temperature sustained pressure test detailed in Sec. Special quality-assurance testing Sec. Evaluate WPR as described in Sec. A supplier may or may not be the manufacturer. Peak pressure during a surge is equal to the sum of the pumping pressure and the transient surge pressure.