Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (–) or Yehuda Leib Ha-Levi Ashlag also known as the Baal . of the famous first Admor of Stretin, Rabbi Yehudah Tzvi of Stretin, was a foremost disciple of Rabbi Yehudah HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam). Baal HaSulam opened his “Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot” with these words: “At the outset of my words, I find a great need to break an iron wall that. Rav Yehuda Ashlag (), known as Ba’al HaSulam (The owner of the ladder. Named after the “Ladder” commentary he wrote to the book of “Zohar”.

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Baal HaSulam dedicated his life to interpretations and innovations in the wisdom of Kabbalah, disseminating it in Israel and throughout the world. One looks at those experiences, sorts out the good and beneficial ones, and rejects the acts that harmed him. Thus, one knows the truth when hearing the words of both. Thus, they are doomed to perish, for hasilam who eats unripe fruit dies for his sin.

In addition, for purposes of yasulam benefit of the public, they will not allow any worker to escape from under their hands to a different country; they will guard them like Israel in Egypt.

Conversely, they will vehemently condemn the doers of detrimental actions, so as to stop and be rid of them.

One deals in much the same way with every experience in life. If communism is just toward each nation then it is just toward all nations.

The Solution

Of course, the measure that one has acquired from this kind in the temporary one will remain his in the eternal one And the sword, a simple, iron sword, which appeared before my imagination as a horrible destructor, has turned in my hands into glimmering letters of the Holy Name Shadaiwhose shine and glimmer is filled with light, contentment, tranquility, and reassurance for the whole world. Bal work is divided into six volumes, containing sixteen parts and over two thousand pages.

If you say that they will not have the prior reverence they had as property owners, that too is nothing, for they will certainly find all that power that they have acquired as property owners on another field, as the gates of competition will never be locked.

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Though the progenitors are idealists, there is no guarantee their progeny will follow. There is no doubt that this force hasluam split into pieces; we already find Tito.

As we have said above, the negative force appears at the end of every political phase, elevating it to a better state, and thus the phases follow one another until they reach their ultimate perfection.

It is true for the religious, the secular, and the communists. However, the diligent ilk will have a different name: Hence, no person is to be accepted into the society before he is tested to see if he is so crude that he cannot be tutored into altruism.

The Prophecy of Baal HaSulam

These wars yield the ripening of the fruit. Amazon Inspire Hasulamm Educational Resources. If communism spreads throughout the world, it will put to death every nation that eats more than it bqal. Nevertheless, it does post an immediate threat to their existence. This is utterly impossible without coercion and enforcement. It is a natural law that the diligent ilk exploits the backward ilk, like fish in the sea, where the strong eat the weak.

Only Altruistic Communism can be expected to bring that remedy. If the Nazis, God forbid, prevail and rule the world, and they would want to destroy the residue of Jacob, is it permissible to institute hasulwm among all nations in order to save the nation?

Baak is only according to the measure of the leftovers that the diligent leave for the backward that we are to examine every government, differentiate between the regimes, and choose which one is preferable.

Baal HaSulam Melodies by Kabbalah La’am Music | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The origin of faith is in the need for hasula truth in it, inasmuchas it satisfies that need. We must perpetuate the moral level of the majority of the public in such a way that it will never be corrupted. We must understand that, although the fathers took upon themselves communism because they were idealists, there is no guarantee that their children will follow them in this regime.


In his method, the yearning is a substance, and the quality of the reception, the form; in mine, the quality of the reception is the substance of creation and the carrier of the quality is unknown.

Army bayonets cannot turn nature around, much less edification and public opinion. It includes a translation of The Zohar from Aramaic to Hebrew as well as an extensive interpretation. Why are we the chosen people?

That bread, which our fathers ate in the land of Egypt. Thus, if he wishes to annul material interests, he will not wish to annul the idealistic or religious interests in favor of the public interest, though they may be only personal sensations. Rather, everything will be done by persuasion. They are state property, meaning the ownership of the railway is in the hands of all the citizens of hasulak country.

Otherwise, they will not secure the sustenance of the needs of the state. Please click here to manage your MP3 cart content.

We must sit at the desk once more and vigorously examine the way and its principals. Egoism is embedded in abal nature of every person, as in any animal. This Is for Judah That bread, which our fathers ate in the land of Egypt. And after all these days, I listened attentively to all the promises and destinies I have been chosen for by the Creator. If you should say that theft and robbery are well guarded in the capitalistic regime, then I shall tell you that it is because the law permits legal competition.

One of them had found a settlement filled abundantly with every delight. It is even more so hassulam the higher officers. Based on Historic Materialism, it succeeded the most. Introduction to The Book of Zohar In this introduction, I would like to clarify matters that are seemingly simple. Altruists, means that they sacrifice all their days for the well-being of others, without any reward.