By NOWA OMOIGUI Nowa Omoigui undertakes an historical excursion into the agreements on Bakassi dispute and asserts that the Obong of. Bakassi Peninsula: Cameroon: Consolidation and challenge: with Nigeria over the oil-rich Bakassi Peninsula came to a head in late and early Bakassi Peninsula. Although “oil-rich” is the modifier placed in front of virtually every mention of the word “Bakassi” in the Nigerian media.

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The Obong agreed and promised to refrain from entering into any agreements or treaties with foreign nations or Powers without the prior approval of the British Government.

That is, he signed away his Kingdom as a British protectorate. This type of subterfuge was carried out with many of our ancestors. Note too that unlike agreements between metropolitan powers these so called protectorate agreements with African Kingdoms did not have precise definitions of boundaries.

Torn in Bakassi: Cameroonian on Paper, Nigerian at Heart

On November 15,Britain and Germany defined their boundaries in Africa, supplemented by another agreement on March 19, This was all conducted between metropolitan powers and they understood what they were doing. The first of these agreements was signed in London on March 11, titled: There were eight accompanying bakazsi.


For Bakassi also spelled Bakasi peninsula in particular, the Germans were interested in shrimps and an undertaking that Britain would not seek to expand eastwards.

The British were interested in uninterrupted and secure sea lane access to Calabar, a key trading post. In exchange, Britain conceded the Bakassi peninsula proper to Germany. The Obong did not resist.

Who Owns Bakassi – Cameroon or Nigeria? –

This was long before General Gowon was born. The First World War broke out in peninsla InBritain invaded German Kamerun. Among the Nigerian troops and carriers fighting for Britain were natives of Nigeria, including some from present Cross- River State. At the end of the war, all German territories were divided between France and Britain by the Treaty of Versailles. The League of Nations placed them bqkassi British or French mandate.

The old border was retained. General Gowon was born a few years later. The Second World War broke out in Native Nigerians also fought for Britain. After the war, the British and French League of Nations mandates over the Southern and Northern Cameroons and Cameroun were replaced by trusteeship agreements under the new United Nations — approved by the General Assembly on December 13, These UN agreements re-ratified the prior borders as codified by the previous Anglo-German and Anglo-French agreements.


Maps from that period show Bakassi peninsula in the Cameroons, not the real Nigeria.

General Gowon had not yet joined the Nigerian Army. Neither the Obong nor his people nor any other native Nigerians peninsulaa. Next Post Imoke urges political solution to Bakassi, oil block losses.

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