The Baratza Encore is one of the most popular burr grinders on the market right now, and here’s why. BUT its not for everyone! read this before purchasing. The Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder has some big shoes to fill. For the past few years, the Baratza Maestro and Baratza Maestro Plus have set the bar for quality . Details of my testing are below, but from my skeptical heart to yours, here is the bottom line: The Baratza Encore is a $ grinder that will grind fine enough for.

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The newbie brewer who knows the importance of a good grind.

Been using it with a beehouse and Chemex and its consistent and quality! My last grinder the infinity was a little cleaner then this one when removing the collection bin. I then went home and ground the same amount of the same beans and actually got less dust from my Encore.

Encore – Baratza

IMO, a hand grinder like the Hario is best as a “backup” grinder, or for travel. After watching this video https: With unique speed control, the Encore uses a combination of gear and electronic speed reduction to control the rotation of the burr to Ecore. I also researched the grinder prior to buying and never saw mention of this issue.


I cut it at 23 seconds, so it yielded about 1 gram less volume.

Baratza Encore Review: Is a $129 Espresso Grinder Possible?

Haven’t noticed any decrement whatever in speed or grind quality. The circuitry is equipped with an automatically resetting, thermal cutoff switch. Downsides are the same as my last reviews.

Took me a few tries to get the right setting for my new Clever brewing device. The one feature that would have been nice to have would be a setting for the number of cups you want to grind for, but not a big deal. Encore Baratza coffee grinder This is my 3rd Baratza conical burr grinder since With updated hardened steel burrs and a new gear box, the Encore grinder brings the capability rncore grinding for espresso to Baratza’s introductory model.

Not a big problem but a simple picture would be helpful.

The Baratza Encore Review

I use it primarily for my Mypressi Twist and Clever. Often a purpose-built hand grinder is the best bet for Turkish coffee when on a lower budget. For the price you pay these better grinders really should be built to last.

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I was asked to take pictures of the box and coffee grinder necore well as a video of what it did when I turned it on bratza order to recieve a refund. Yes, it ground beans. Good entry level grinder for Good entry level grinder for home brew. Conical baratsa grinders are exceptional at producing consistent grinds from very fine to very coarse as well as being durable and will remain sharp for many years. The Encore is the entry level machine of this new line, and it picks up where the Maestro left off.


That’s a few clicks coarser than what I was using for my now retired older basket filter Cuisinart drip machine. Cleaning Burrs are easily removable with no tools, making cleaning very easy.

In any case, my general opinion on this machine hasn’t changed from my earlier review. Simple to take apart for cleaning and comes with a small handy conical nylon brush.

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

If necessary, the grinders can be user calibrated. He did appreciate the consistent grind and reduction in noise compared to an average grinder from a local store. Perfect for a pour-over system. Bought this with a bundle and am very happy with it. A wonderful quality entry grinder!!!

Good performance at a reasonable price. Push the quick grind button or turn the grind dial on the side on wait – the choice fncore yours! Apparently you “can” do this.