eDocs Home > BEA WebLogic Server Documentation > WebLogic Server Frequently Asked Questions. WebLogic Server Frequently Asked Questions. Awesome Weblogic Interview questions to help you |How to access the Oracle WebLogic Server is J2EE Server (earlier known as BEA. BEA WebLogic Interview Questions and Answers. What is BEA Weblogic? BEA WebLogic is a J2EE application server and also an HTTP web server by BEA.

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Here is the compilation of 40 Important Weblogic Interview questions. We often see BSU when using weblogic. What is the meaning of BSU? Can we start a Managed Server if the Administration Server is unavailable?

It is well suited for various application and perform well. Lot of development effort are being put to make it better each day. OS Tuning Setting tcp ip parameter. Unicast is the method used in the clustering technique where there are cluster master and each server should ping to this cluster master for informing that the server is alive. It is a kind of clustering system where there is no cluster master and each and every server needs to ping each other for informing their existence.

Multicasting has many messages to be sent in the form of ping as each server needs to inform all others about its existence.

This condition creates much complexity associated with the method compared to unicast. Some of the examples would be 1.

WebLogic Server Frequently Asked Questions

While sever is taking more time to restart 3. Process running out of File descriptors. Infinite Looping in the code. For changing the JVM can be done by following the steps below.


Thanks for sharing the good questions on webLogic intervirw. Weblogic Server Online Training. Start Here About Us Hire me. Answer Oracle weblogic server includes1 Domain 2 cluster 3 servers. This utility is used to apply the WebLogic Server Patches. Eerver Domain is a group of WebLogic server resources like admin server, managed server, jms,connection pool, data sources etc or whatever the resource you know of WebLogic server.

There can only be one administration Server in domain and zero sserver N Managed Server. How to create weblogic Domain. There will always be at least one Administration Server in a domain.

How to stop-start Weblogic server. Answer By default, if a Managed Server is unable to connect to the specified Administration Server during startup, it can retrieve its configuration by reading a configuration file and other files directly.

Answer WebLogic Server installs the following script that you can use to set the classpath that a server requires: Answer Bew are 3 types of weblogic installation.

Weblogic Interview Questions & Answers

JVM Tuning tuning gc strategy, monitoring garbage collection. Answer Clients that connect to a WebLogic Server cluster and look up a clustered object obtain a weglogic stub for the object. This stub contains the list of available server instances that host implementations of the object. The stub also contains the load balancing logic for distributing the load among its host servers.

It is generally used to tunnel through an HTTP port in a security firewall.

40 Important Weblogic Interview questions

Steps to configure Http tunneling. Answer WebLogic uses the T3 protocols for internal and external connections to the queestions. Answer Unicast is the method used in the clustering technique where there are cluster master and each server should ping to this cluster master for informing that the server is alive.

Answer ssl enabled admin console accessed as: Answer Basically all the web-tier related files. Generally for WebLogic 9. Answer Thread Dump is a textual dump of all active threads and monitors of Java apps running in a Virtual Machine.


Answer Some of the examples would be 1. Answer we have to take a Thread dumps many times when qestions faced issues. For analyzing take dumps some Intervals like every 20mins, 5mins etc. Answer netstat -na grep connected to find the ports connected in Linux box.

Answer There are various capabilities associated with WebLogic server and they are Changes in dynamic configuration.

Production application redeployment Rolling upgrades.

Answer For changing the JVM can be done by following the steps below. Answer There are two modes Development mode: You use development mode while you are developing your applications.

BEA WebLogic Interview Questions And Answers

Development mode bda a relaxed security configuration and enables you to auto-deploy applications. You use production mode when your application is running in its final form. A production domain uses full security and may use clusters or other advanced features. In no-stage mode, the Administration Server does not copy the archive files from their source location. Instead, each target server must access the archive files from a single source directory for deployment.

The staging directory of target servers is ignored for no-stage deployments. Answer java -version run this command in linux to know the java version. Here is a nice Udemy courses for review for Weblogic 12c Oracle weblogic 12c for administrator How to intervisw Oracle Weblogic 12c.

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