PHYTO-PHARMACOLOGY OF BERBERIS ARISTATA DC: A REVIEW. Mazumder Papiya Mitra 1, *Das Saumya 2, Das Sanjita 2, Das Manas Kumar 3. Berberis aristata DC (Berberidaceae) commonly known in Hindi as “Dāruhaldi” and “Citra,” is an important medicinal herb native .. Berberis aristata: A review. The review of Berberis was also done with an end in view of identifying the . 3) ( References in Table 3: B. aristata: Blasko et al., [15]; Potdar et al.

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Antimicrobial potential of Daruharidra Berberis aristata DC against the berberks causing eye infection. Tamilselvi Saravanakumar, Padma Venkatasubramanian, N. The entire testing was carried out by agar well diffusion method after obtaining the samples from clinical laboratory in Coimbatore. Care was taken for complete maintenance of sterile conditions. Of the six organisms tested, the extracts showed activity against only three eye infecting pathogens. The highest antimicrobial activity was found against E.

The inhibitory effects of the methanolic extracts on the growth of three organisms viz. Thus this study suggests that Daruharidra and its traded substitutes may be used in treating eye infection caused by Nocardia sp, S. Antimicrobial activity, Daruharidra, eye infection, methanolic stem extract. International Book Publications; ; 3: Habitat Dependent Variations in berberine content berberls Berberis asiatica Roxb.


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Environ Monit Assess ; Balasubramani SP, Venkatasubramanian P. Molecular identification and development of nuclear DNA its sequence based marker to distinguish coscinium fenestratum gaertn. Menispermaceae from its adulterants.

A review on biological and chemical diversity in Berberis (Berberidaceae)

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Antidiarrheal activity, chemical and toxicity profile of Berberis aristata. Singh J, Kakkar P. Antihyperglycaemic and antioxidant effect of berberis aristata root extracts and its role in regulating carbohydrate metabolism in diabetic rats. The antiamoebic effect of a crude drug formulation of herbal extracts against Entamoeba histolytica in vitro and in vivo. Kant BT, Biswapati M. Plant medicines of indian origin for wound healing activity: Int J Low Extremity Wounds ;2: Anc Sci Life ; Ahmad M, Sharif TA.

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Detailed pharmacognostical studies on Berberis aristata DC plant

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Biol Pharm Bull ; Cernakova M, Kostalova D. Folia Microbiol Praha ; Antimicrobial activity of aqueous revkew and of berberine isolated from berberia heterophylla. Subscribe this journal to your library. Online since 15 th February, www.