as providing a map of this loss, which can guide and improve the diagnosis of certain pathologies (glaucoma, retina disorders, damage in the optic tract, etc.). Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Feb 1, , A. Benjumeda-Salinas and others published Campimetría y glaucoma }. y/o PIO ≥ 21 mmHg fueron remitidos al oftalmólogo para su valoración ( campimetría). Glaucoma prevalence confirms published findings from other similar.

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The participants were informed about the study objectives and signed informed consent was obtained from all of them. Results of different red Rgreen Gand blue B formulas obtained from a digital image of a variable deep bucket containing a hematite dilution. Categorical data were compared using the chi-square test, and the agreement between examiners by cross tabulation and Kappa index correct tests vs. Both eyes are examined separately, so patients have to close one eye while the examiner asks them to indicate when they see an intermittent ray of light of different strengths.

All glaucoma patients had perimetric assessment, having undergone at least two previous examinations. Similar to the human eye, the sensor of a photographic camera does not read a single wavelength. That is the reason why glaucoma specialists were not included as observers, as they could produce different opinions. Hb content, blood flow rate, and oxygen saturation.

X This website intends to use cookies to improve the site and your experience. Each pixel in a digital image has a color produced by some combination of the primary colors RGB.

Crittin M Riva CE.

Figure 2 shows two examples of normal and glaucomatous papilla, and the corresponding pseudo-images indicating the Hb levels. We did not measure blood perfusion at the ONH.

Spark [ published online ahead of print October 10, ]. Sponsor opinions are not reflected on our website. The values decreased to For medical questions and advice specific to your condition, please contact your doctor. Because both effects of lens deterioration on vessels and on tissue are proportional, when measuring the differences between the distances of green and blue at the corresponding pixels to vessels, the extent of this absorption—diffusion effect on the tissue may be estimated.


This site uses cookies. Although these three studies may be considered as the groundwork suggesting the possibility of measuring blood volume using reflectometry, they did not describe practical methods to measure the amount of Hb in the ONH in humans, compensating for lens absorption and diffusion, as well as changes in the intensity and spectral composition of the light used for illumination.

Additionally, a larger power of the tests is obtained with a greater number of observers. The clinical judgment is the core of the medical profession. July 02, ; Accepted: Neither the patients’s names nor their initials were disclosed to the ophthalmologists; slides were marked with numbers instead.

Influence of visual field results in the glaucoma diagnosis

Subsequently, they provided consent for analysis and possible publication. Once the four threshold estimates have been obtained, their median value is calculated. No glaucoma specialist was included. In the present study, the examiners had access to a digital retinography and visual field per eye to perform the diagnosis of glaucoma. Physicians were instructed to answer whether glaucoma was observed in each of the slides. Physicians, however, tend to use complementary information to increase their ability to diagnose.

Some tissue regions, which may have good perfusion, such as the neuroretinal rim, reflect more green and blue than the central retinal vessels, because they have less Hb Fig.

If this is not corrected for, the relative redness of the image may lead to an overestimation of Hb content in the tissue. Optic nerve perfusion basically depends on three factors: This is an Open Access canpimetria distributed under the capimetria of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

The Singapore Malay Eye Study. All eyes included in the glaucoma group were from patients under treatment for glaucoma, with glaucomatous optic disc and reproducible glaucomatous visual field defects in at least two different visual field tests. Solicite su copia gratuita. RadcliffeNone; C.


Cinco pruebas comunes para el glaucoma

An equivalent phenomenon occurs in ONH tissue. Diagnostic agreement kappa between Hb-GDF, and the morphologic and functional parameters ranged between 0. Our study may be the start of a new avenue of glaucoma research. Mean Hb in sectors 8 and 20 was highly linearly correlated with functional and morphologic variables Table 4namely with the Spark mean sensitivity for the initial 0. Despite the increased rates of correct diagnosis in this subgroup of slides, individual slide evaluation had great variability, as can be noted in the figure, where the distribution cloud of the two groups glaufoma well dispersed to both sides of the line from the linear campimetra.

Ranking of optic disc variables for detection of glaucomatous optic nerve damage. Create an Account or Subscribe Now. It has been shown that knowledge of chronology of optic disc stereophotographs influences the determination of glaucomatous progression.

The blue, green, and red components were assessed with an image analysis program with the Matlab image processing toolbox The MathWorks, Inc. Get Our Free Newsletter Subscribe. These changes can be observed in the RGB histogram. Learning effect of standard automated perimetry in healthy individuals.

Hemoglobin oxygen saturation So2 in the human ocular fundus measured by reflectance oximetry: In the other half, the exams were randomly exchanged, and only the position of the eye right or left was observed. Su apoyo financiero continuo puede hacer realidad esta meta. Relationships between blaucoma field sensitivity and spectral absorption properties of the neuroretinal rim in glaucoma by multispectral imaging.