Chomana Dudi (Kannada: ಚೋಮನ ದುಡಿ, Choma’s Drum) is a feature film in the Kannada language. It is based on a novel of the same name, written by. Sarasammana Samadhi, Kudiyara Kooosu and Chomana Dudi are some of his acclaimed novels. *An incarnate of lord Vishnu, who is believed to have created. “Chomana Dudi” is a master piece from Karanth himself which depicts a story of a untouchable called Choma. Chomana Dudi Shivram Karanth. Choma, who.

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Shivram Karanth stands objective in approaching both caste-system didi missionary-conversions Unlike other writers, Shivram Karanth have never lingered until a strong plot to inspire him to write a novel.

ಚೋಮನ ದುಡಿ | Chomana Dudi

His works, almost all deal with the human values and relationships. Sankappayya’s mother character has represented the whole society as she believes customs cannot be neglected. Choma’s wife have died five years back and he stays in an hut with his five children. He is so humiliated by society’s customs, vhomana lack ability or grit to openly oppose it. His only companion is his Dudi a Dayereh or a tambourine without jingles.

When he is mused by any deep thoughts he beats that Dudi without any manner or melody. One of his acquaintance suggest him to convert to christianity as church encourages him to accomplish his longing dream. But even though he is ill treated by Hindu society, his immense devotion for his goddess ‘Panjurli’ is static.

Hence he never finds it chomaan a solution which seems morally dishonest. One of the two sons don’t comeback as he gets converted to Christianity as he was captivated by the greed of owning a piece of land.


Choma gets furious and decides that son is no more his part of life. Duri son falls sick soon after his comeback and dies.

To come out of this demise he starts his most enjoyed task, beating his Dudi. His daughter rescues him from his thoughts as she was depicted as responsible person of the family and tells she will work in the same land and returns with all his debts cleared. At her workplace, there will be a christian supervisor. She looses her feminine virtue and falls in affair with him.

When she comes back, Choma unheard of this, feels himself free from all his debts and again starts-off his most enjoyed task. Once, his two young sons will be swimming in a river, as one starts to drown.

Chomana Dudi – Wikipedia

Seeing this, a Brahmin youngster fhomana to rescue him. But his people don’t allow as he cannot touch an untouchable. But the youngster after some hesitation finally jumps into river neglecting other’s attitude. Hcomana it will be too late as he can only get dead body of the poor guy. Choma feels so anguished about his religion and goes to meet his christian son as his mind has now leaned towards Christianity. But on the way he visits Panjurli temple.

His intellect feel conflicted towards his own decision there.

As he comes back home in dilemma, when he opens his hut he finds his daughter with supervisor in objectionable position. He is so terrified and thrashes her brutally. His uddi decision is now to get under christian culture, since all of his surroundings seem so christian for him.


Chomana Dudi

After some long hours his mind is still so depressed, his daughter is still sitting on the ground as she is not yet recovered from his brutality.

He enters his hut and starts doing what he does best.

It is now beating with the uproar heard never before. His daughter gets frightened and opens the door. The novel tries to imply that his heart was not ready to accept another religion even though his mind was suggesting it.

Choma don’t have mastered any tune in beating the Dudi signifies that his life is of no culture and discipline and demands no importance from the society. The most appealing instance of novel comes when a Brahmin youth tries to rescue the drowning boy. It signifies how the new-generation’s upper-caste culture was getting eudi to surpass all the past beliefs and accept the equality as a social phenomenon.

The novel still stands out as a best master piece of Karanth, as it dwells deeply with human values.

Book Review # Chomana Dudi By Dr. K. Shivaram Karanth

Karanth have chosen a politically strong plot, but have guided full story in a non-political way. It shows the expertise of Karanth in crafting a great ending. In contradiction to S.

Bhyrappa is not a Kannada novelist, he is an Indian novelist who happens to write in Kannada. Subscribe to Post Comments [ Atom ]. Reaching Out for the Reason