INSTRUCTIONS: Push up timer-tabs (located at the edges of the timer-dial) toward the center of the dial provide constant power controlled by the on/off switch. The Coralife Digital Power Center Timer has 4 timer-controlled outlets and 4 constant power outlets. The Coralife Digital User Manual (pdf file in new window). Description; Features; Manuals, Etc. Send to friend; Reviews The Coralife Dual Analog Power Center is a hour timer ideal for all lighting systems that make.

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Slide out Safety Cover before using unit.

Coralife day-night timer

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Description Features Manuals, Etc. Device must be properly connected to a grounded three-prong receptacle. Log in or Sign up.

Push the timer-tabs down poweer turn blue outlets on and yellow outlets off. Push up timer-tabs located at the edges of the timer-dial toward the center of the dial to turn yellow outlets on and blue outlets off. Up to Watts The Aqualight Power Center Timer is a day-night dual timer device that provides complete hour lighting cycles.


Designed for indoor use only. Turn the manual control switch to the timer-on position.

Coralife Day/Night Power Center With Timer

Great for switching water pumps to create alternating water currents. If present time is past the desired daytime cycle “ON” setting, let the power centet cycle for 24 hours. They are essentially the same timer with the same part number.

Continue pushing the tabs up until reaching the starting time of the actinic cycle. Day-shift Timer Instructions 1. Your name or email address: Press the MODE button to display: I use this timer and I find cenfer to be rather intiutive, I do not have the manual but perhaps powwr talk you through its use.

Continue around the timer dial in the sequential order verifying that all the tabs in the actinic cycle are in the down position until reaching the end of the cycle where the Actinic Blue outlets will be turned off. Battery will activate Display screen and start clock automatically.


Set the times that you want the yellow and blue outlets to turn on and off by using the timer-tabs. Developed by J and K Online. This should help ckralife out.

Untitled Document

Each timer-tab represents a minute interval. My email is sanechka gmail. Crimson GhostMar 30, LCD screen power shuts down when unplugged. Add to compare list. Continue pushing the timer-tabs up until you reach the time of day that you want the daytime lights turned off.

Yellow daytime and Blue nighttime outlets alternate power. The Coralive nighttime outlets are switched ON automatically.

Pick the time of day you want the cora,ife lights turned on and push timer-tabs up to turn on yellow outlets for daytime applications. Mar 8, Messages: Replace Battery Cover onto the Power Center.