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Therefore it is to art what photography is to painting: Rather than condemn, the artist must absolve p. This was an interesting read. It is essential to know that, without liberty, we shall achieve nothing and that we shall lose both future justice and ancient beauty.

Nothing simple, that is certain. Create Dangerously by Albert Camus. Camus is a very talented writer I adore The Stranger so this was really well written. If they speak up, they are criticized and attacked.

On the ridge where the great artist moves forward, every step is an adventure, an extreme risk. The artist chooses his object as much as he is chosen by it. I A few days before reading this, a co-writer came to me, despondent.

But this negation, maintained so long that it is now rigid, has become artificial too and leads to another caamus of sterility. It is simultaneously rejection and acceptance, and this is why it must be a perpetually renewed wrenching apart.

If he judged absolutely, he would arbitrarily divide reality into good and evil and thus indulge in melodrama. Of what could art speak, indeed?

Create Dangerously

Consequently, there is nothing surprising in the cwmus that almost everything worth while created in the mercantile Europe of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries—in literature, for instance—was raised up against the society of its time.

Comprised of 3 speeches given by Camus in the s: Its only natural that art has followed this trail, and that art reflects these greater changes within our society and within the human world.


Camus argues that art should provoke and speak up for those who cannot and that sort of attitude is something we need in art always, ddangerously then but even now. Dreams change from individual, but the reality of the world is common to us all.

And art, by virtue of that free essence I have tried to define, unites whereas tyranny separates.

I think this requires more than one rereading. Perhaps this is because society is freer than it was in the post-World War Two years, which is critical to enable artists to create: The doubt felt by artists of today dangerosly the necessity of their art, hence their very existence. Of necessity, his voice is not quite the same; it is not nearly so firm.

Our peasants had read too much Proust”, Camus points out, and not ironically at all: Then the suffering and blood of men give birth to insignificant literatures, and ever-indulgent press, photographed portraits, and sodality plays in which hatred takes the place of religion.

That can’t be avoided. He came from a rich family and we can’t expect from him a denunciation of colonialism in its principle. Posted on October 21, by lindaessig. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Create Dangerously

Return to Book Page. The logical result of such a theory is the art of little cliques or the purely formal art fed on affectations and abstractions and ending in the destruction of all reality.

Striving towards realism is therefore legitimate, for it is basically related to the artistic adventure. Good minds I have always thought there were two kinds of intelligence—intelligent intelligence and stupid intelligence teach that it is but an obstacle on the path of true progress. Twitter Facebook Google Email.

In any case, our era forces us to take an interest in it. Oct 19, Hestia Istiviani rated it it was amazing. If it adapts itself to what the majority of our society wants, art will be a meaningless recreation.

The more undisciplined what he must put in order, the stricter will be his rule and the more he will assert his freedom. The tome of all three speeches was beautifully, inherently socialist with the second, Defence of Intelligence delivering a really interesting perspective of those captured and humiliated within the confines of Vichy France.


The artist constantly lives in such a state of ambiguity, incapable of negating the real and yet eternally bound to question it in its eternally unfinished aspects. To put it simply, there is no comfort in freedom, and the free artist is no more comfortable than the free man. Aug 31, Tamara Zann rated it really liked it Shelves: But today, when at last it has to face real dangers, there is a chance that it may again stand up and be respected.

YAs will find the story accessible and may be surprised at the universality of emotions expressed. This is why the artist, at the end of his slow advance, absolves instead of condemning. The society of merchants can be defined as a society in which things disappear in favour of signs. But such solemn stupidities were uttered because for a hundred years a society of merchants made an exclusive and unilateral use of liberty, looking upon it as a right rather than as a duty, and did not fear to use an ideal liberty, as often as dangerouly could, to justify a very real oppression.

As a reward for being absolutely faithful to reality, he will achieve complete communication among men.

Create Dangerously by Albert Camus

The society of merchants can be defined as a society in which things disappear in favor of signs. Conversely, if it does not constrain itself, it indulges in ravings and becomes a slave to mere shadows. It is easier to understand why our works of art have a drawn, set look and why they collapse so suddenly. It’s good to know that why my friend and I are feeling has been around before