General Requirements; Start Date; Value and Duration of Award; Part-time Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship; Deferment of Award; Payment. NSERC – Professors – Summary of Changes – Tri-Agency The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), the Moving Equipment or an Unexpended Equipment Grant · Deferral of. Award holder: individual who has an active award from CIHR, NSERC or SSHRC . Deferment: a delay in the start date of the award beyond the available start.

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Awards may be cancelled without notice if the conditions under which they are granted jserc violated. The total of all deferral periods cannot exceed two years. Submit the Changes to Award Form to graduatefunding.

A list of eligible programs for GRF transfer is available. The date of the termination edfer be determined by the Agencies. To ensure that institutions have complete and accurate funding data on the grants they administer, the Agency will make a list that identifies all new grants and awards and continuing instalments available to the research grants officers and business officers at designated times nseerc the year.

Most grant funds are paid through a common grant account and sent directly to the institution’s business officer for retention on the grantee’s behalf. Note that, while internal awards are competitive, the eligibility and selection criteria are always taken into consideration. Holders of IPS 2: Skip to content Skip to institutional links.

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If you have completed more than four months’ full-time equivalent in a master’s program at the time you take up your award, the normal month term will be decreased by the number of months in excess of four that have been completed at that time.

Unless otherwise specified on the Authorization for Funding, grantees have a minimum of one additional fiscal year, beyond the expiry date of their grant, to use their unspent funds i. Payment of further instalments of the scholarship is contingent upon the progress report proving satisfactory nswrc NSERC. It is the responsibility of the grantee to inform co-investigators, other concerned individuals and all involved research institutions of jserc outcome of extension requests.

The original nseec end date will be adjusted accordingly. Systems are in place to help grantees effectively plan their budget before the grant expires. In these cases, the terms and conditions of the administration of the funds are determined on an individual basis between the Agency and the recipient institution. You can request the balance of the award if you transfer to a doctoral program during the term of your award, or if you complete your master’s nseerc prior to the termination of your award and enter immediately into a doctoral degree program.


Completed reports must be submitted to dgsaward sfu. These two documents will need to be sent to support cihr-irsc. In nseec case, a reimbursement is required. Information pertaining to the documents to be submitted can be found on the Grant Amendment Form.

Getting Paid & Maintaining Fellowship | Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies – McGill University

The institution, through its business officer, maintains control of the grant funds, disburses salaries and other expenditures authorized by the grantee and provides periodic reports to the grantee and to the Agency on the status of grant funds. In addition, for successful applications onlythe Agency will post limited information on its website e.

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Any funds remaining at the end of the Authority to Use Funds period must be returned to the agency. Students are asked to advise the Office of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Fellows to arrange for the suspension of their award payments until their return from on-leave status. The decision whether to re-initiate payment of any award requires approval of the Dean nseec Graduate Studies or designate. Defwr Agency reserves the right to defer or suspend subsequent instalments if the Parliamentary appropriations are reduced or cancelled, or if the need for funds is not demonstrated.

The Agencies encourage the institution to accede to such a request, provided the equipment is not necessary to other researchers at the former institution. All grants 2 The unspent balance of a grant does not lapse at the end of the grant period. If the extension is not approved, the grantee has three months to pay all commitments made prior to the end of the grant period.

Skip to content Skip to institutional links. Any interruption paid or unpaid requires prior agreement from the university, the sponsoring organization and NSERC.

The following policies are only applied to Tri-Agency programs i. In addition, deer may not use their grant funds during this three-month grace period. Graduate awards are paid through your go. An institution may transfer ownership of equipment or facilities to another eligible institution through a gift or sale.

Visit the Award Payments for further steps. The Agency does not publish or otherwise disclose details related to unsuccessful applications. The Primary Institution wishing to transfers funds to any Non-eligible Secondary Institution must nnserc a letter of transfer of funds signed refer the Non-eligible Secondary Institution, in which both parties agree to defef with certain obligations.


Getting Paid & Maintaining Fellowship

If a grantee is moving to another Canadian institution and wishes to take an unexpended equipment nsecr known as a Research Tools and Instruments Grant nderc NSERCor to move equipment purchased with grant funds, the former institution may, in its discretion, give permission for such a move.

This would also include grants for equipment or for the establishment of facilities that may contain residual balances. As owner, the institution is responsible for ensuring that the items are used to support the research program of the grantee and co-grantees.

For research grants funded by other sponsors, please check specific sponsor guidelines or contact Research Services ors sfu. Two months before the start date of your award, you will need to print the “Confirmation of Commencement Form” available through your ResearchNet account and obtain proof of registration from the Registrar’s Office confirming your registration as a fulltime nderc.

However, this responsibility is to be shared between the Primary Institution and the Non-eligible Derer Institution under the provisions of a letter of transfer of funds agreement. If both parents are supported by grant funds, each parent may take a portion of the leave for a combined maximum of six months.

You must RENEW your award every year at least 30 days before the start date anniversary of your award to avoid delays in payment.

CIHR does not allow for the transferring of residual funds unspent balances in grant accounts between affiliated institutions during the “Authority to Use Funds” extension period.

The Primary Institution has principal responsibility for the use and monitoring of funds that are transferred to a Non-eligible Secondary Institution. Any higher amount is deemed to be an unspent grant and a reimbursement is required.

To comply with government policy, the Agency must confirm the grantee’s continued eligibility before releasing future instalments to the institution. Defr supplement ddefer be pro-rated if the student or postdoctoral fellow is being trained in research on a part-time basis. In the event that an institution gives permission to transfer or loan equipment or funds for equipment or facilities to another eligible institution, the primary institution retains ownership of the equipment or facilities.

Grantees can submit another grant application and hold a new grant during the extension period.