Modular Root-Canal Treatment Instrument Dentaport ZX. By attaching modules to the Root ZX Module as an apex locator, the dentist can prepare canals and. Says Dr Koe Ean Ong, Laser Dentistry, Casuarina, NT: “I use the DentaPort ZX for all my endo work. It has solved a lot of my endo problems.”. The purpose of this in vivo study was to compare the accuracy of two EALs: the Dentaport ZX and the Raypex 6. Material and Methods: The study involved

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In the present study, the mean dentaprt from the major foramen to the file tip measured —0. The study involved 36 straight single-rooted teeth. The file rotates in the cutting direction without strain.

Traditionally, the WLs of root canals have been determined by the interpretation of a radiograph of an instrument placed in the canal. An ex vivo study. Support Center Support Center. No statistically significant differences were observed between the performance of the Dentaport ZX and Raypex 6 EALs under the in vivo clinical conditions used in this study.

The file slows down as the torque approaches the set torque limit, minimizing file jamming and breakage. Raypex 6 is an electronic apex locator EAL that has not yet been tested in vivo.

Kaufman AY, Katz A. Therefore, we followed the protocol used by Wrbas et al. Material and Methods We selected 36 maxillary and mandibular dentapkrt teeth with mature apices in 15 patients. Auto Torque Slow Down Function.



Dentaport ZX, electronic apex locator, major foramen, Raypex 6, working dentzport. The samples were then embedded in alginate and the electronic measurements were determined and recorded.

The main drawback of both types of EAL was the poor accuracy caused by electrolytes. The apical constriction is the narrowest part of the root canal, and is regarded as the physiological apical limit for instrumentation and filling of the root canal system 2 – 3.

All of the teeth responded positively to tests for sensitivity to cold, and clinically, all the pulps were confirmed to be vital on examination of their chambers. Discussion The apical constriction is the narrowest part of the root canal, and is regarded as the physiological apical limit for instrumentation and filling of the root canal system 2 – 3.

However, manufacturers make contrasting claims for their products, so it remains difficult for the practitioner to choose from the EALs sentaport.

Morita Dentaport Zx Apex Locator at Rs /piece | Pushpa Junction | Kozhikode | ID:

Automatic calibrationThe automatic calibration ensures detnaport and eliminates the effect of changes in temperature, moisture, etc. The authors wish to thank the Department of Surgery, Dr.

An in vivo comparison of working length determination of two frequency-based electronic apex locators. Get Best Price Request a quote. Clinical accuracy of a new apex locator with an automatic compensation circuit.

Simply replace the motor handpiece with the curing handpiece in order to switch over to adhesive treatment. Table 1 Position of the file deentaport relative to the major foramen as determined by Dentaport Zx and Raypex 6. Standard access cavities were prepared and the actual length AL was calculated. Then the file will rotate in the cutting direction again.


New electronic canal measuring device based on the ratio method.

Morita Dentaport Zx Apex Locator

The aim of the present study is to evaluate and to compare the accuracy of two electronic apex locators EALs: Precise comparison of the accuracy of different types of EAL in determining the WL is possible only if the same teeth are assessed by all the devices. Consequently, we and many others have evaluated the accuracy of EALs in determining the WL, taking as a reference point the major foramen or a point 0. Open dentaoprt a separate window. Given the absence of reports related to the accuracy of the Raypex 6, the purpose of the study reported herein was to compare the accuracy of the Dentaport ZX, the latest version of the Root ZX, and the Raypex 6 in detecting the major foramen.

DentaPort Root ZX | MORITA

The ability of Root ZX apex locator to reduce the frequency of overestimated radiographic working length. Ricucci D, Langeland K.

Dental Instruments in Coimbatore. An ex vivo comparison of root canal length determination dentaprt three electronic apex locators at positions short of the apical foramen. You should replace the file electrode after about… Read more.

You can rely on the integrated safety system: