Book Review # Durgastamana By Ta. Ra. Su. Posted by Pradeep T. Title: Durgastamana (Durga’s Sunset). Author: Taluku Ramaswami. Kannada): Ta Ra Su. ADD TO CART. BUY NOW. Home · Books. Durgastamana (A Historical Novel In Kannada): Ta Ra Su (Hardcover, Kannada, TA RA SU). Durgastamana (ದುರ್ಗಾಸ್ತಮಾನ) in Kannada by Ta. Ra. To read this book you need to Download the Dailyhunt App on your phone.

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Beginning with ‘Kambaniya Kuyilu’ and until ‘Kasturi kankaNa’, he chronicled the lives of several famous rulers and the events of their times over seven novels. Relations between Chitradurga and Mysore slowly begin showing signs of strain. The various facets of Madakari Nayaka – a wise ruler, reliable sentinel of Chitradurga, dutiful son, passionate lover, loyal friend, fierce enemy Sad part was, when this book was awarded the Kendra Sahitya Academy in the yearthe author was not alive to receive it personally.

To the people of Chitradurga, Madakari Nayaka and the city are not different but are as body and soul, said Durgastaamana also a son of that soil. He also asserts that KaLLi Narasappayya had no treacherous part to play and instead was a tragic figure maligned by rumours. Madhu Ballekere rated it really liked it Nov 02, However, young Madakari is up to the challenge and leads his forces successfully against the would-be usurpers.


Pick Of The Day. After Kasturi Rangappa Nayaka II dies in without an heir, durgastamana book Madakari Nayaka, son of Bharamappa Durgastammana of Jaanakalludurga a small fort town close to Chitradurgais named his successor durgastamana surgastamana ascends to the throne. They play a crucial role in shaping up the character of the king.

But, Better late than never. As per this drgastamana, the war between Hyder Ali and Madakari Nayaka that went on for almost 8 months to an year is a battle that was never seen before and never after.


Book Review # Durgastamana By Ta. Ra. Su

I have seen Chitradurga twice before reading this book but only after reading this book I saw the real Chitradurga It is portrayed differently in this book and Shri. Views Read Edit View history. Su has literally given his life to complete this novel. Taluku Ramaswami Subba Rao Ta. If you have read the book before visiting this place, you might long for those tiny details that you have read in the book.

Sanath Kumar rated it liked it Aug 09, Prior to his undertaking the writing, general opinion about Madakari Nayaka was that he was a vengeful, bloodthirsty and often lecherous ruler and that boo had been betrayed by the erstwhile prime minister of the kingdom, KaLLi Narasappayya. Articles durgastamana book sources from February All articles lacking sources. Post a Comment Suggestions and recommendation are always a welcome sign.

Sorry, out of stock. Till today, several forts durgastamna Madakari Nayaka has been preserved in Chitradurga and made as a tourist place which attracts thousands of tourists every year. Indeed, we are transported back to the era of Veera Madakari Nayaka and the great fort of Chitradurga.

Kannada novels novels Indian historical boook 18th century in fiction Novels set in India Indian novels. The effort and the details that the author went on to create this book is visible in every chapter.

An awesome and very Interesting novel even though most of all Kannadigas knows the ending of Madakari Nayaka A must visit place for everyone.

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Soon, however, the representatives of Hyder Ali in Chitradurga are discovered by Madakari’s brother, Parashurama Nayaka, an apprentice to Narasappayya to be spying and collecting confidential information about the fort, its strengths and weaknesses, the army, the weapons in the Durga arsenal and other sensitive areas. I durgastamana book seen Chitradurga twice before reading this book but only after reading this book I saw the real Chitradurga Post a Comment Suggestions and recommendation are always a durgastamana book sign.


The way Madakarinayaka and his epic battle with the crooked ruler Hyder Ali is described in this book is like a motion picture. Refresh and try again. An important historical character, he has been portrayed well, from his naive childhood to durgastamna ascension to the throne and his efforts to protect his kingdom both durgastsmana warfare as well as politics.

Please comment with sensibility! Amazing interpretation of history by the author. Comics And General Novels. Durgastamana by Ta Ra Su. Anyways, its part of the history now. Reading a Kannada book after a long time, I realised how different it is from English literature, whether in terms of prose or emotions.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The rest of the novel is about the inexorable progress of the two kingdoms towards an durgastamana book confrontation.

Durgastamana ( ದುರ್ಗಾಸ್ತಮಾನ )

As the characters live their lives, battling conflict, political struggle, war, hate, love and fear the history of Chitradurga is laid ddurgastamana to the durgastamana book making him feel every emotion that the characters feel. All other characters from the history has been portrayed very neatly. He has faced off with the English and the Mughals and only the Marathas are like a thorn durgastamana book his flesh.