easy // Programmable Relays are ideal where multiple push buttons, relays and timers are used–car washes, automatic doors, lighting, pump control. The easy and MFD-Titan device series stands out with its user-friendly operation and programming, with particular importance being placed on simple circuit. Eaton Moeller EASY Relay. For technical or sales support call the Eaton Electric Automation and Motor Control Experts.

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Shown here is a simple on-delay timer circuit and parameter display. This card is a small memory chip that plugs into a little door on the lower right face of the unit, just above the output relay terminals. Simply move to any contact on your diagramm and press OK to select it.

Figure 29 Figure 30 Figure 31 Password Protection: The 4 cursor buttons can be used as inputs. Setting a system password will prevent tampering with the program in the field and will prevent viewing of the program by unauthorized persons. Relay manul often require “closed contacts” and this is done with negation.

Moeller EASY512 Manuals

Fill in any missing “wires” and you’re done! Figure 39 shows a Master unit and a Slave unit mounted side by side, connected by a small plug-connector that is included with the Slave unit.

The lower picture shows the correct method, using marker relay M1. An active password prevents: Press OK to select it. The large round cursor disk is used to move around menus or circuit diagrams and is operated by pressing near the top, bottom right or left edge.

Available Functions Figure 14 Negation: Counters can count in either direction, plus or minus. Use the Program menu selection from the Main Menu to enter your password. Click here to Email the Author Please include your company’s name and location. These are always connected to inputs I7 and I8. Figure 43 Connecting Relay Outputs: If you forget your password, there is no “back door” into the unit: This screen is not available if a password is set and “active”, you must enter the password first and deactivate it.


Note you may use the same input symbol repeatedly. See our main page for Klockner Moeller and Siemens parts. When the preset time is reached then the timer switches. You may not use the latching coil AND the normal coil of the same relay in the same circuit diagram. Figure 34 Activating P-Buttons: The Card Menu shown in Figure 41 has 3 options: The Memory Card provides a convenient way to update a program and send the Card to an untrained person in the field for installation.

Figure 39 Figure This has an application in a reversing contactor for example.

Moeller EASY Manuals

The units can be set to “retain” or “remember” the value of various functions thru a power-down and resume running exactly where they left off when powered-up again.

Clock Controllers ” “: Another pulse to the TT1 coil while the time is already running will restart the time count and continue running. Figure 15 Output Relays: Supply Voltage AC Units: As the manuall amount is reached, contact C1 activates output relay Q1 On the parameter display, the left number is the preset amount, and the right number is the manusl total.

Now use the cursor disk to move to the left, to the 2nd position, right next to the I1 symbol. This is identical to the normal off-delay ” ” function except that the time will be a random number between zero and the preset time.


A text will be displayed whenever that Text Variable D1 thru D8 is activated. These are used to count pulses, usually from inputs. The input I1 and the output relay Q1 are now “wired” together. A single-pulse timer is the same as an off-delay timer except that the trigger coil TT1 need not remain activated for the time count to proceed.

Figure 9 Now move down to the 3rd line, and press OK twice to enter I1. Only models specifically designated as Master or Slave can be used for expansion. The text display in Fig.

This is shown in Fig. Now use the cursor to move to the 2nd row, all the way to the left.

This eqsy512 identical to the normal on-delay “X” function except that the time will be a random number between zero and the preset time. Figure 26 “if” Jumps: Changing or viewing the program. When the trigger coil TT1 is deactivated then the time count begins and when the time reaches the preset manul the timer’s contacts switch off. Figure 6 Begin with the blank screen and your blinking cursor is in the upper left corner. On models that have the clock, the “WE” on the right indicates “wednesday” and below that is the time of day in 24 hour format.

Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Polish and Turkish. The circuit diagram in Figure 21 shows comparator A1 will “set” output relay Q1, and comparator A2 will “reset” Q1. One obvious application for this would be a to control a flashing fasy512 light.