Eheim Double Tap Unit Sealing Ring Set for /// – 2 pk ( ). Quantity. USD Eheim Pro II Canister Filter Parts, Eheim Double. Eheim Pro 2 pump features: One-action priming aid (AVR), Maintenance indicator (MI), Adjustable flow rate, Self-primer. Some facts: Eheim Proffesional II model is rated at gph, has g filter volume and dimensions x x “. I uses Eheim.

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IMHO it doesn’t like to be primed-cannot handle the pressure. First thing, yes, I’m an Eheim guy, but they’re not paying me to glorify their filters, so don’t thing my review will be biased. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and Eheim didn’t dissapoint me as usual.

This is the more common way that I see the and being sold now. Nothing too bad but the eheims are silent while the XP3 buzzes slightly and the water flowing through can be ejeim easily heard.

Once all the bubbles are out the canister should be silent. The and is the same combination I have on my 75g. The only other thing I can think of doing is getting a whole other replacement top, but what are the chances that BOTH of the tops I got with 20288 filters are faulty???

After 2 minutes I typed ebay. There’s a handle on each of them, so it is very easy to reach and pull them out. Options Quote message in reply? This is what part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated.

Could this noise be caused by anything else??? I’ve split this out for further discussion as there are quite a lot of Eheim users in our forum.

The prime button is not necessity, but it works very well and I like it a lot. I sent a 2nd email to Eheim explaining how two impellers haven’t stopped the noise and asked them some other questions and 22028 have not heard back from them about that email.


And “Like Us” on Facebook To view links or images eheij signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. Both of these sets include media. Last edited by smoq; at Left C is offline. So, yes, I’m going to contact Eheim locally and see what can be done. We have decided to disallow the sales, giving and trading 0228 shrimp through AQ from Monday, 20th Aug onwards until further notice. They do not disturb flow one bit.

EHEIM Professional II Pro 2 Aquarium Canister Filter 2028 38 1-owner

Twotwooneoneone1 liberty and another internal filter Does anyone else have problems with the impeller as described by Gary? And your thought on buying a hydor inline instead of the thermofilter option is dead on. I want to take a hammer ehejm my every time I have to get it running again after cleaning.

If you get blocked as a “spammer” while registering please come back to this page and read this post. Eheeim Please enter a password for your user account. I’ve 2 units4 unitsall working well for few years except 1 unit creates a bit noise but still working alright.

Eheim Proffesional II model is rated at gph eueim, has 1. I have a and she runs silent, so I know these things run more quietly than what I’ve got now. I didn’t buy the volt version because I’ll be leaving here in a year and will want to use it in the states.

This should encourage more views and interaction. OK, so my filter came with all the media and eheim installation kits. Got a full sealing ring kit for the eheim on the way too so I can see if I can find and fix that leak.

  6GK7443 1EX11 0XE0 PDF

By the time water reaches third top basket, it’s pretty clear. What is the bottom of the impeller suppose to look like? I have two Ecco that had two and one impeller replacements after about a year in service. There are 3 large media baskets that will hold a lot of media. I’m just nervous that it isn’t the impeller now. I can’t bring it back to the dealer I bought it from, because I bought it online.

Haven’t heard much about this? See what a difference it makes: If you do, and you would like to get more interaction with aquarium hobbyists i. I have noticed that if I press the primer down just a tad the noise goes away.

EHEIM First impressions – The Planted Tank Forum

It is more ‘user friendly’ than classicbut it is also more expensive. Do you think this difference in electricity could have anything to do with it??? Only 2 broken plastic clip and one leaky o-ring, otherwise fantastic 208. Vincent – AQ is for everyone, but not for ‘u’ and ‘mi’. I return the dang thing to the store I bought it from online and buy something else. But, it is obnoxiously loud when I slow down the flow rate. Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

And that is first BIG wheim for Eheim: I bought them used, saved a bunch and I am quite happy. I just wrote Eheim another email stating my problem, so we’ll see what they say next, if anything. Personally, I haven’t encountered 208 problem with either the Pro II or