Friends and Rivals. Cat fears she is past her prime. Her philandering husband, Ivan, who she still loves passionately after twenty years of marriage, leaves her. by Lucy Moore | 19 June Friends and Rivals. Friends and Rivals is about two old friends who become rivals in the music business as well as romantically. Book Review: Friends and Rivals by Tilly Bagshawe. “Kat fears she is past her prime. Her philandering husband, Ivan, who she still loves.

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The Way Back Home. She attended local all-girls Catholic schools near her family home in Surrey. Kat fears she is past her prime. Devastated, there is only one person left who Cat trusts A perfect summer treat! This item can’t be purchased in United States.

Cat fears she is past her prime. Sep 22, Siany rated it liked it Shelves: There was so much to love! Andrew Gross 3-Book Thriller Collection 1: It was a great read and I loved it until the last 10 pages which were uncharacteristically schmaltzy in relation to the rest of the book.

Friends and Rivals by Tilly Bagshawe

All the way through this book I was never quite sure what was going to happen on the next chapter and there was no way of predicting who would end bagsawe with who as there is so much betrayal and rivalry between numerous amount of characters.


The author seems to have done her research well.

I was certainly racing through the pages to see what happened. It was boring and it disappointed me becuse I liked some of her previous books.

Friends and Rivals – Tilly Bagshawe – Google Books

I went into this novel fruends it was a love story, where the characters encounter a hurdle to their love but all ends the way it should, with the journey rvials what mattered. Tilly Bagshawe is the internationally bestselling author of four previous novels. And Dickens, who I read voraciously as a kid and who is still the master of big, sweeping canvases and totally engrossing, page-turning plots.

Give it a read How to write a great review. Lots happening and a good read to keep you entertained although some of the characters are a bit vile! Lovely light love story.

There is quite a lot of name dropping as there are several references to well known music organisations and products. Ivan and Jack are two buisness partners who run a music management company together. Apr 29, Bev Taylor rated it liked it.

Packed full of backstabbing and bitching this is a fabulous read! I didn’t particularly enjoy this one. But I called it in the middle. It is typical of the genre, I may read more of author: Sasha Miller comes to Cambridge with a dream and leaves on a mission. Old friends can become the worst of enemies I really enjoyed trying to predict the ending. The family divide their time between their homes in London and Los Angeles.


A great easy read. The family divide their time between their homes in Kensington and Los Angeles and their beach house on Nantucket Island. The author is a little gem and gives us a perfect ending to the book by tying up all the loose ends to the storyline rather than leaving us on a cliff hanger but you just have to read this book to see if the outcomes are what you were expecting!

On the surface with their two kids and Ivan’s successful career in the music industry things look great, however Ivan is a pathological liar and cheat. Friends and Rivals is my first book by Tilly Bagshawe and I fell in love with the cover of this hardback book although very simplistic it is beautiful I was just hoping I would love the story inside just as much.

Chicklit set in the music business world, this is a glitzy, glamorous and fast paced, sexy romp about betrayal and revenge. I didn’t particularly love or even like the majority of the characters in this book.