Buy Highlander by Garry Kilworth (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Title: Highlander Author(s): Garry Kilworth ISBN: / (USA edition) Publisher: HarperEntertainment. Availability: Amazon. Buy a cheap copy of Highlander book by Garry Kilworth. “There Can Be Only One “The battle rages across the centuries, from the wind-scoured.

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That said, this is a fantastic adaptation of a fine film, really digging into the characters and building on their immortal, existential journeys. Mar 10, Brandon Bundy rated it liked it. But he instead gets her a taxi. Kurgan runs after her and when the guys get in his way, he easily knocks them out cold. He finally learned of his potential when he met another Immortal, a Bedouin Arab magician who taught him the same thing that Ramirez taught Connor.

She screams for help but nobody helps her. Two stops later, Several members of a street gang board the train and complain about some of the graffiti of a rival gang which Conner voices approval of while staring down that leader. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The Kurgan reveals his earliest memories from when he was five years old and his father bashed his head in against a stone because he no longer wanted to feed the boy.

Therefore, having won the prize… Conner feels strongly feels this connections. He came to the bedroom and challenged Connor to a duel on Boston Commons.

A Scottish clan warrior from the 16th century, he was taught the deadly arts by an ancient mentor, who then suffered the only wound that can end an Immortal’s life: Highlander was truly an epic movie and the Highlander book explains more of the background.


He speaks of trying to rescue a woman from another immortal and finishes the story in the film about swinging into the window… not finding the lady he sought and thus introducing himself to the lady he found there.

Later that night, Kastagir helps him escape and leads him to a British Camp. Books by Garry Kilworth. It also gives a more complicated wild ride than kilorth final version in the film.

Highlander (novelization)

Other books in the series. Return to Book Page. There is nothing kilwoorth to say and they shake hands and part ways. After several days of feeding him to fatten him up, Conner soon realized that he was being fattened up for a fight with their best warrior.

Kastagir and Conner swiftly draw their swords and stand back to back.

Highlander by Kilworth, Garry

You don’t miss much if you didn’t read it. The Kurgan is said to be the oldest and strongest immortal, kilwroth we can retcon this quite easily given the fact that Methos was long believed a myth by the immortals. The author did a fantastic job giving him more depth and character versus the mindless and barbaric killing machine that was portrayed on the big screen.

How did they know about the prize? It includes a few additional scenes, including the story of how Hjghlander met Kastagir and a scene depicting how Connor met and came to marry Heather after he was driven from his clan. But he tells her she needs never be alone or afraid… that she has much to offer. Refresh and try again. A Scottish clan warrior from the 16th century, he was taught the deadly arts by an ancient mentor, who then suffered the only wound that can end an Immortal’s life “There Can Be Only One” The battle rages across the centuries, from the wind-scoured Sahara to the wild Russian steppes to the rocky crags of Scotland.

Mike rated it really liked it Jan 14, Chris rated it it was amazing Dec 25, The author did a fantastic job giving him more depth and chara I don’t want this to turn out to be a movie and book comparison, because that’s not what Goodreads is about. Several of the ideas contradict highlandfr information from the series, probably due to the novel being written before the series began.


Only the outcome is in doubt. November 4, Language: This scene was filmed but cut and re-edited.

Dec 14, Rosanna rated it it was amazing. Ramirez had told him that immortals were tied to the life-force of all living things.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. And only one Immortal can survive. He hates saying good-bye. Also in the fight, Fasil strikes a fuse box with his sword and is electrocuted temporarily. Diana rated it liked it Nov 25, After receiving the quickening, the Kurgan proceeds to travel north to find Connor Macleod.

In the chapter, hibhlander learn that Kastagir is Ethiopian.

On the day of the battle, Conner is led before Cetewayo and into the ring to face the tall Zulu champion. The Kurgan, his ancient adversary, has tracked him all the way to the streets of New York City.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. The two charge at each other on horseback ending with the Kurgan beheading both the Mongol and his horse in one powerful stroke with his sword. Angus intervenes and walks him out of the village as in the film.