George (Gogu) Constantinescu (October 4, – December 11, ) was a Romanian scientist and engineer, often considered to be one of. Abstract: George (Gogu) Constantinescu (October 4, – December 11,. ) was a Romanian scientist and engineer, often considered to. Gogu Constantinescu had innovative ideas in the field of reinforced concrete and of the mathematical machinery. His technical work includes construction after.

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The theory of sonics is a branch of continuum mechanics which describes the transmission of mechanical consrantinescu through vibrations. The date of the paper is believed to be 5 October George Constantinescu Mathematical physics Romanian inventions.

George (Gogu) Constantinescu | Science Publications

Retrieved from ” https: If the piston is held by a spring at any given moment: This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient constantinesch citations.

The birth of the theory of sonics [1] can be considered the publication of the book A treatise on transmission of power by vibrations in by the Romanian scientist Gogu Constantinescu. Hydraulic condensers are appliances for making alterations in constaantinescu of fluid currents, pressures or phases of alternating fluid currents.

If the motor l is not capable of consuming all the energy of the generator a, then there will be a traveling wave a and a stationary wave. While Constantiescu Constantinescu has invented many useful things around inventions which have been patented all over the worldhe has mostly worked towards a successful usage of steel reinforced concrete.

The pipe is closed at p, a distance of one complete wavelength. The most important findings are; — the asphalt, modern road rail vehicles — the theory of sonicity; power transmission through liquids, solids and gases, — device for firing synchronized bombers of World War I, — the use of reinforced concrete sleepers straight bridge, — railway motor wagon, — the first automatic transmission cars and locomotives without clutch and Gear — first glider in the world — first sonic radiator — several patents for improvements the diesel engines carburettors — mechanical torque converter actuated by a pendulum,Constantinescu cannon sonic converter.

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American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The principal function of hydraulic condensers is to counteract inertia effects due to moving masses. A small calculation shows that since the first inventionuntil the date of transition to eternityon average every 4 months a patent was made and if we count only the most prolific years, it results in invention per month.

George Constantinescu – Wikipedia

Figure I Suppose the crank a to be rotating uniformly, causing the piston b to reciprocate in the constantunescu c, which is full of liquid. Retrieved 25 July The pressure at any point in the pipe will go through a series of values from a maximum to a minimum.

Figure V Waves are transmitted by a reciprocating piston along the pipe eeee.

Thanks to him, the first road in Romania has been paved. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A hp petrol engined locomotive with a Constantinescu torque converter was togu at the Wembley Exhibition. Share on Google Plus Share.

Simple Harmonic The principal function of hydraulic condensers is to counteract inertia effects due to moving masses.

Both transmit the waves produced by oscillationsas well as the energy and power included in these waves, thus managing to transmit energy and power at small, medium, large, even very large distances, controlling and controlling the phenomena and processes from a distance or a large distance.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. His father born in ,influenced him, being a professor of mathematics and engineering science, specialized in mathematics at the Sorbonne University. One of his teachers was Anghel Saligny,another great inventor coonstantinescu the world,about him we will write also in the following article, next time. So every four months he get a patent for an invention, patents that reaching constantinsecu, about they were unique and amazing for that time undiscovered yet until then.


G the coefficient of transverse elasticity of the metal.

Positive News Romania

Archived from the original on 27 July Oxen House, ConistonUnited Kingdom. In alternating current flowing a pipe the friction appear at the surface of the pipe and also in liquid itself. Share on Facebook Share.

Most of his discoveries never could be public because were kept top secret by British ministery of defense ,and were about military technology,about plains and strategic weapons. The laws discovered by Constantinescu, used in sonicity are the same with the laws used in electricity. Share on Digg Share. Other inventions included a “railway motor wagon”. Views Read Edit View history. It was also tried on rail vehicles. Inhe published the book A treatise on transmission of power by vibrations [4] in which he described his Theory of sonics.

The methods of transmitting power known and practised by engineers are broadly included in two classes: There are branches at one-half, three-quarters and one full wavelength distances. The above equations are used in order to calculate the springs required for a condenser of a given capacity required to work at a given maximum stress. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. Eva had two children, Richard and Michael, by a previous marriage. This page was last edited on 9 Octoberat In he has also published materials on its usage, calculus and he has tested the usage of this material in arch bridges.