The Horror at Camp Jellyjam is the 33rd book in the original Goosebumps series. Swimming, basketball, archery. King Jellyjam’s sports camp has it all. Too bad. The Horror At Camp Jellyjam. Series. Goosebumps The Horror At Camp Jellyjam. Camp Jellyjam is no ordinary sports camp. The counselors seem a little TOO. Camp Jellyjam is no ordinary sports camp. p>It’s our ninth fan-favorite prequel to R.L. Stine’s blockbuster Goosebumps HorrorLand series. Now with.

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Like he can move by himself. And the destruction of the King Jellyjam was an anticlimactic letdown. I don’t know but this book was incredible. Wendy gets pissed, but Elliot shrugs it off and tells her to come watch him play against this kid Gooebumps in the Ping-Pong tournament. She loses again and later that night more winners disappear. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He calls everyone guy, which means he’s either a South Park Canadian or Cal from Undergrads there’s a deep reference.

Give Yourself Goosebumps: The Horror at Camp Jellyjam ⋆ Rogues Portal

When Wendy found out why the ground shook and why the campers disappeared, she and her brother wanted to leave. To play it safe, Wendy plans to find a phone so she can leave a message on the machine back home Because it was the 90s, you see!


Unfortunately though, I hae to give this part Idk really. Yeah, that’s a spoiler, but that’s why I have hid this review. To serve the master in all his glory!

They enter a large building where Buddy takes a coin out of his pants and hypnotizes them all. Where evil twins and friends come together to lovingly snark Point Horror and other teen genre fiction. Wendy sneaks away and hides glosebumps the woods as the Winners Walk ends, and notices the counselors are off to… somewhere.

As the kids escape the lair and try to escape the camp, the counselors surround them.

So at the end of the book, all of those that won 6 coins became slaves for king Jellyjam who was some weird monster that was under the ground. The camp counselors are an interesting bunch. I was entertained from the start to the end.

Recap # Goosebumps # The Horror at Camp Jellyjam by R.L. Stine

Who was your favorite character? And why the ground is always rumbling late at night…. It was okay, but idk.

First up is a tennis match against an African American girl named Rose. Hunks of thick, white goo dripped from his huge, hairy nostrils. What did you not like about the book? Hidden away in the shadows, Wendy realizes to her horror that Buddy is hypnotizing the other counselors as he reminds them of their great mission.

Except nellyjam the crickets chirping, the night is totally silent. The Goosebukps at Camp Jellyjam Series number: Second, the ground started to shake twice a day. I hope that lost game of basketball haunts your entire life. Second weird thing is after winning a few times you begin to lose your memory.


Give Yourself Goosebumps: The Horror at Camp Jellyjam

All important, life-defining, definitely not the worst way to spend hoosebumps time, sports! Stine, and especially the Goosebumps series, to all parents who have children who love scary, funny, action-packed, and gross stories jellyuam rolled into one. Wendy MillerElliot. After dinner, the campers are led outside and Wendy finally learns what the Winners Walk is. I found this book to be cute, It just seemed like there was so much buildup. True, This book has everything that will keep a young reader entertained…excitement, intrigue, mystery, terror, and of course grossness!

Wendy, Ivy, and Jan return to the dorm with only a couple of bags of chips and two cans of soda, all they could swipe from the mess hall, but are looking forward to jellyjaj with Deirdre. I can’t believe anyone would believe children would want to read this garbage. Stine still did a really good job jellymam most of the Goosebumps series, but this one just seemed to be too Amy loves practicing her new comedy routine. See 2 questions about The Horror at Camp Jellyjam…. Buddy explains that is King Jellyjam, the camp mascot.