Grave Witch (Alex Craft) [Kalayna Price] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Not even death can save her now. As a grave witch, Alex Craft. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Only a thin border separates the worlds of the : Grave Witch: An Alex Craft Novel (Alex Craft Series Book 1) eBook: Kalayna Price: Kindle Store. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Only a thin border separates the worlds of the Grave Witch (Alex Craft) – Kindle edition by Kalayna Price.

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The amusement melted from Death’s face. I think it’s fair to say I need to leave this genre alone for a while, it’s giving me a headache. Falin really grew on me; I thought he was a total hard-ass period. I need to have feelings for my characters!! The only problem I have with this book, a minor easily overlooked thing really, is the fact that some of Alex’s interactions with the characters in the story seem skewed or off-kilter.

This was not to be. It reminds me a little bit of Jim Butcher ‘s Dresden Files, though with a female lead and with an extra bit of sexiness thrown in. At least one of Grave Witch’s questions lasts because Craft misunderstands a mysterious stranger. The secondary characters where wonderful.

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Am I being too harsh? Shouldn’t a wyrd school have known that fey-related people had a hard time with spelling? Not close friends, mind you, but their relationship is dependable. And I have my own ideas of how Death can be hot and perfect and the best villain and yet a hero deep down in his nonexistent black heart. Lots of deaths and bloody crazy things.


At the very least, Kalayna Price gave me a real urban fantasy story instead of the typical Twilight-style “I’m-so-obsessed-with-you-if-you-leave-me-I’ll-die” kind of paranormal romance with a not very exciting mystery story mixed in to try and make the prce think the author actually cares about characters and plot rather than just filling the blanks between the sweet-nothings and sex.

The phone squawked in my hand. I shoved my hand in my purse and fished along the bottom. Oct 04, Carmel Rabid Reads rated it really liked it. The Trouble with Twelfth Grave.

Grave Witch

Not to mention sinking into Alex, she’s a great character and I enjoy that she’s unique from other Urban Fantasy character even after all these years. Plenty of sexual humor and some minor dark themes. And not enough action. She must quickly unravel the mystery or she Meet Alex Craft, a grave witch, someone who not only can speak to the dead, but bridge the chasm between life and death as well.

I really enjoyed this book. Well, there is a bit of whorishness, obviously, because Alex has a rep for having one night stands with drunk dudes in bars. Grave Witch Emily Durante.

I really liked this. Releasing my connection to the magic stored in the obsidian ring, I unclasped the thin silver charm bracelet on my wrist and shoved it in my pocket. Grave Witch is full of mixed reviews. Falin was more developed and I think that’s why I liked him more. I mean, let’s be clear, this book doesn’t re-invent the wheel of urban oalayna, but it does what we expect well pricce that’s all I wanted!

I was really excited to read this book, and I wanted to love it. But hey, this is just me. If you want to hear voices from the dead in Nekros City, you call Alex Craft.


Her gravf contain not only the mystical elements of fantasy, but also a dash of romance, a bit of gritty horror, some humor, and a large serving of mystery.

She also gets extremely cold, and this chill lasts for a long time. Price has a talent for Urban Fantasy.

And, they want something raised, but it ain’t no dead body Enjoyed the characters and plot. Of course there’s plenty of mystery around him, not to mention some of the things discovered by the end pride the book.

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Alex CraftFalin Andrews oalayna, Death. It seemed to have something to do with combining the grave world and the physical world, but why that is wasn’t explained well. Instead of still dying out they’re now growing strong in power. Death stepped back, and Baker blinked once more before crumpling.

A gruff voice answered on the third ring.

First of all, she’s cursed. View all 11 comments. Well, this kalaynq has that! Would recommend it to those who like their UF a bit tamer, blending of this and aesoteric worlds, and with a chick who can keep the story rolling I did not enjoy the story nor gave a shit about any of the characters in the book. Death is a force to be reckoned with.