Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had only been in power for one week, when he asked the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Hamood-ur-Rehman, to investigate the. The Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report | A Review Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had only been in power for one week, when he asked the Chief Justice of the.

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No amount of provocation by the militants of the Awami League or other miscreants could justify retaliation by a disciplined army against its own people.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission

Commission held an informal meeting at Lahore on 3 June to consider various preliminary matters and then decided to resume proceedings at Abbottabad from 16 July Niazi stated that the local Commanders had, on the 9th of Decemberbrought a list commission him which included the names of miscreants, heads of Mukti Bahini etc. However, the allegations were not substantiated so as to fix personal responsibility on him.

We do, however, propose to write this, supplement, following the same pattern as far as is practicable, as we did in the main report. The fortress strategy might have been rsport for carrying out the counter insurgency operations, but after the 21st of Novit became redundant.

US Institute of Peace Press. Their involvement in civil administration continued unabated even after the induction of a sizable number of senior civil ut from West Pakistan, including the Chief Secretary, the Inspector General of Police and at least two Division Commissioners. When it submitted its supplementary report, it interviewed another 73 bureaucrats and military officers.

After the repatriation of prisoners of war from India, the Commission was reactivated in May, We feel that a brief reference to some typical statements made before us by reporr military and civil officers will be instructive, and helpful in reaching the necessary conclusions. Baqir Siddiqui Witness No.


Ministry of Liberation War Affairs. Niazi would have been to concentrate his troops in a smaller area, repkrt by the major natural obstacles around the military and political lynch pin – Dacca.

There was no Rule of Law in East Pakistan. In fact, however, the army was constantly engaged in fighting 38 the Mukti Bahini, the Indian infiltrators, and later the Indian army.

The Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report | A Review

Performance of Other Senior Officers 63 9. The report lays out 7 major allegations against the Army—that can be grouped into 2 major categories. Unfortunately, the delay in opening the Western front and the half-hearted and hesitant manner in which it was ultimately opened only helped in precipitating the catastrophe in East Pakistan.

During the present phase of our inquiry damaging evidence has come on the record regarding the ill repute of General Niazi in sex matters, and his indulgence in the smuggling of Pan.

Saeeda Bukhari of Lahore; that during his stay in East Pakistan he came to acquire a stinking reputation owing to his association with women of bad repute, and his nocturnal visits to places also frequented by several junior officers under his command; and that he indulged in the smuggling of Pan from East Pakistan to West Pakistan.

He denied the allegation that any intellectuals were in fact arrested and killed on the 9th December or thereafter. Niazi is that he was making money in the handling of Martial Law cases while posted as Rehan. This page was last edited on 30 Marchat Niazi that the proposal be dropped.

Origins of the Bengali Revolution. It is, therefore, imperative that deterrent action should be taken by the Government, wherever it is justified by the facts, in order to maintain the high moral standards and traditions for which the Muslim Army of Pakistan was justly proud before degeneration set in. The kr responsibility for executing the plan of this action fell on Lt.


Hamoodur Rahman Commission – Wikipedia

Mujibur Rahman promised to supply a photostat copy of this document to the Government of Pakistan. I was not so before. From the detailed accounts which have come before us of the behaviour and attitude of both these officers, we have no hesitation in recording the opinion that at all relevant times Maj.

Lt Gen Niazi tried to justify the deployment of his reserves by saying that he had been promised 8 more battalions, and if these had been sent, he would have had enough troops to create a command reserve as also to meet then deficiencies of comission new ad hoc formations.

Apart, therefore, from the immorality and political expediency of the kind of military action taken by General Yahya Khan on the 25th of March,it was his culpable failure to arrive at a political settlement with the Awami League during the gamood months preceding the war that completely alienated the sympathies of the population of East Pakistanis, confirming their suspicion that the Generals were not prepared to part with political power in favour of the 75 elected representatives of the people.

Psychological Warfare and India. All these acts of omission and commission call for 88 deterrent action by way of court materials wherever permissible under the law. For other uses, see Hamoodur Rahman Commission.