Jayakirana Epaper: JayaKirana is a popular Kannada language daily newspaper that is published from Mangalore and Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka, in. Phone, Suggest a phone number Jayakirana daily Kannada news paper. likes. Posts about Jayakirana daily Kannada news paper. There are no stories . Marati abcd since. Udayavani epaper login uttara kannada july newspaper office. Advertisement schedule mkcl sarva in jayakirana newspaper was years.

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The attacks on the offices of two newspapers in the city caused damage to several items on the premises including computers and furniture.

Police confirmed that both acts were committed by the same group. Following the incidents, Section has been clamped in the district for 48 hours. As a result, a chair, four computers, and a printer and glass in the room were damaged.

The fire was doused immediately jayaiirana the firemen and this helped contain further damage. A staff member said that there were more than 10 miscreants in the group and most of them had used cloth pieces as masks. One of the miscreants had an iron rod while the others ransacked the office. Four computers, glass of a chamber, and other items were damaged in the incident.

Superintendent of police Dr A S Rao visited both the offices and said that both acts were committed jayakriana the same group. He also said that there are clues about the identity of the miscreants and they will be apprehended soon. While the office was still open, a group of about miscreants, four of them in masks, rushed in and dropped some kind of fire bomb which resulted in smoke within the office.

The office staff present inside were rescued without anyone suffering injury.

The heavy smoke and fire damaged office equipment and computers. Police rushed to the spot and the firemen also reached the venue within minutes. The situation is now under control. Further updates are awaited. The violence left two people dead and several injured besides causing damage to property running into millions of rupees.

This is truly shameful to the peace loving people of Mangalore. Whoever it may be let them belong to any religion should be punished. No one has the right to do such activities. I really agree with you in all respects and if humanity is lost, then we cant call ourselves as humans. First and far most before looking at our religion, we should look at humanity. For me humanity is the first and important religion which is primary and rest like islam.

We should marak clear boundaries differentiating between humanity and ones religion. Ur comments are really readable. Keep writing Mr Shetty. May God bless you. I’m working in Saudi. All other things you had mentioned it is still the same. Ismail bhai perinja,mai insaniyath ka refer kartha hoon. If gandhiji was alive, he would have taken citizenship in other countries. The freedom of speech and press is attacked in day light.

Brirtish use to do this i pre independence. Why should I say lie? I am peace loving person. First Could you tell me who according you ar true indians because according to nagesh maamu, all hindus are only true indians. I visit church every week and my hindu friend visit temple every friday with his wife. We all go together to different places every week.


Jayakirana Epaper – Today’s Jaya Kirana Kannada Newspaper

I have worked in most of the gulf countries like bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. It is not only indians working in the labour job even people from bangaldesh, pakistan, indonesia and malaysia also work as a labour in gulf countries. Different countries have their different lifestyles, You should adapt yourself to that country.

Everybody goes gulf to earn money not to enjoy.

Even people in US says they cant go outside after 8 at night but in gulf that is not the situation you are free to go out anytime. Even ladies feels secured at night while going outside. Everybody is working hard to earn money so people have to struggle. If people were discriminated in the name of religion then no non muslim would have stayed in gulf.

Dont you see every month our indians celebrate different events in different gulf countries like sports event, cultural event etc. Dear All, There is no clue yet who did this act. Nagesh i want to see your reaction if this has been done by your sang parivar to get tension in my city.

I have so many hindu friends and we visit each other house and they are not like u. Why are u soo happy to read such article Karnataka was rising and Bangalore shined brightly in the world map during the terms of S. Krishna and after that Whts happening. Dont try to be crab. Its unity which will shine each and everyone. Its just bcause of people like u its happening in my country.

Kuch sharam kar aur sudar jaaa!!! Dear brothers and sisters, Its very sad to see all the comments which are just written to argue without knowing what are we wrighting and does these aggressions represent each of our religion?

I request our muslim brothers to present our relgion with the teachings of our Prophet Mohammad PBUH But unfortunately we never follow his Sunna or Teachings and we argue with people who no nothing about ISLAM, its Teachings about rights of women about the rights of men the way of living about the scientific evidences mention in our Holy Quran which has been only revealed by the scientists recently in few years? We are not preaching our religion in proper way and hence we have no rights to insult or critisize other religion, present them with the truth if they are serious they will accept else its their choise Only Almighty ALLAH will chose whom to accept and whom not.

I strongly condemns such acts and authorities have put an end to such type of menace with iron hand. Truth is bitter and some people could not digest it, so they came on to the streets like mad dogs barking and biting. These animals should be put in cages behind bars. Our society has no place for them. Muslims should ban the Kannda Prabha News paper ,No one should buy in future.


Pin by EpapersHunt on Kannada | Pinterest | Newspaper, Mangalore and Kannada language

And should not destroy any their office. Be a Muslim I condom what was done as well as what was published. In multi-religious country like India, communal harmony is the basic neccessity for progress can be ensured if we follow the basic rules as below: A person belonging to other religion who only knows a part or bit of Islam cannot make half-baked doubts and queries.

If he wants still to raise it to the Muslims, he has to become a Muslim first, start practicing it and then comment on it. I have taken the example of Islam, but this jaya,irana should be applied across all religions.

Only a practicing Hindu can raise any doubts within his forum. He should humbly request the respective religious community to get clarification. Dear nagesh nayaka,today tasleem nasreena became your sister tomorrow,may be diana,?? Justification left right and centre!! India shouldnt be a democratic country ;aper So fiaz what are u trying to say? Such neusense never happened in muslim gulf countries even though multi nationals are living with such a harmony and peace. Its waste to give comments to Rajesh Nayak where his thinking power is so narrow and he enjoy bloodbath and he had never seen or experienced in other country ept he know only about his home town.

So no use to comment on such frog on the pond. MF hussain jauakirana not drawn any hindu god in nude manner after one of his painting has made such a controversy. jyaakirana

Neither any muslim association or christian association from gulf or india has suppported his controversial painting. When the news spread out about his qatar offer. Now tell me why did the indian government made this decision? If some mistakes happpens better to forget and forgive them. Where bible Says to “Forgive your enemies”. There must not be double rule like community wise Hardcore hindus nd VHP must not break their own fundamentals.

Shoot at sight when you witness any such impending attack.

Jaya Kirana Kannada Epaper

Or else this menace will not cease. It is the root cause of all ills. Target the politicians please. Roopa Rao ps wait let the police catch them and show their faces may be u will find one of Ur relative among them. My question is- Your sangh parivar killed many sisters of yours during gujarath riots. May i know what is the difference between your sister nasreen and those sisters you killed in gujarath in a barbarian manner. You call sister and you start burning them.

I am staying in Muslim country, Where even a single day i never felt that I am christian and i am staying in a muslim country. My office belongs to indian guy Who is hindu.

My Manager is a muslim and my team members includes muslim, hinduchristian, sikh and etc.