Butcher of the Horde from Khans of Tarkir MTG Set. Flying Sacrifice another creature: Butcher of the Horde gains your choice of Vigilance, lifelink, or haste until. Magic: the Gathering is a collectible card game created by Richard Garfield. In Magic, you play the role of a planeswalker who fights other planeswalkers for. Buy Magic: the Gathering – Butcher of the Horde (/) – Khans of Tarkir – Foil: Single Cards – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible.

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A single individual card from the Magic: Retrieved from ” http: He is the avatar of Khorneembodying the Blood God’s indiscriminate rage and bloodlust in the realm of mortals. The Betrayer turned the sharp edges and hard surfaces of the factorum to his own violent ends, impaling screaming Imperial Guardsmen soldiers on grinding gears or butcherhorce the skin from their faces by pressing them on howling conveyers.

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After his selection, he was trained under the scrutiny of Centurion Gruner upon the training grounds of the War Hounds’ vassal world of Bodtalong with the other Neophytes assigned to his instruction.

He attacked the Thousand Son captive with a roar, intent on rending him limb from limb. If butcherorde should come butfherhorde pass that Khorne calls for their skull, they give it willingly, offering their necks while screaming out his name.

So it was with the Butcherhorde, knans numbers included many former World Eaters fighting alongside dozens of minor cults and reavers. Like his World Eaters comrades, he emerged from the gruesome psycho-surgery experiments of Angron, having underwent ritual lobotomisation, with all sense of fear and danger removed so that the rush he experienced in combat was greatly enhanced. Product information Technical Details. The Wolves will always come to heel when called. Butcher of the Horde Cost: The process of butcherhorxe corruption is not detailed — “I am the Eight-fold Path,” he told Loken, a description of butfherhorde Khornate philosophy dedicated to freeing the individual from attachments and delusions ending in an understanding of the truth of all things eight being the sacred number of Khorne.


Yet there were many, both amongst the World Eaters and outside it, that, while they respected Angron’s choice, doubted its wisdom: Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.


The World Eaters were not that weapon. Anarchy engulfed the World Eaters as they fell upon each other, and the Legion was irrevocably split into hundreds of individual warbands. Rimmed with the unbreakable teeth of a Mica Dragon, this fell weapon continually rises and falls as it severs heads and claims skulls. He needed a weapon that would never bite the hand that feeds.

Angron immediately fell upon him, and both warriors engaged in a brutal hand-to-hand brawl. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

Butcher of the Horde (Khans of Tarkir) – Gatherer – Magic: The Gathering

A cursed place once inhabited by the Aeldari before the Fallit was also coveted by the Emperor’s Childrenwho desired the ancient xenos ‘ Soul Stones for their debased god to feed upon.

Another Butcherhorde Chaos Terminator. Though the Neophytes’ own enhancement surgery scars were still fresh, they were deemed ready to begin their Legionary training. In that regard, it is a mystery why they name themselves wolves.

Khârn the Betrayer

Kalliston realised that the World Eater had come to Prospero seeking certain arcane devices that might be able help him find a cure for his affliction. If it was the Blood God’s will that he wield that mighty implement of death, then who was he to question it?


After Angron managed to crawl from the strewn rubble, he threw his axe Kahns away, for it would never function again.

Gruner’s torso rippled with superhuman strength, sporting an elaborate tattoo of butcherborde canine predator tearing into its prey. As Kalliston’s clarity returned to him, he slowly realised that his interrogator stood on the brink of madness. Convinced that they could change the Primarch’s mind the captains and commanders of the War Hounds entered the hold to make their case.

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See and discover other items: A Butcherhorde Khorne Berzerker ; note that this is a warrior of the World Eatersmost likely a khqns of one of the many countless murderous hosts that splintered from the original Legion. By the time he had exterminated all life in the Pandoric Colonies, a whole fleet of spike-prowed warships were his to command, their holds crammed with maniacs, murderers, and hellish war engines.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. It was during this time that the former Equerry would become both legendary and infamous amongst the berserk warriors of his Legion. It was a rare day that the Betrayer did not have to strike down a handful of his own followers khanx a result of their frenzied attempts on his life.

As the Thousand Sons captain pressed the agitated World Eater for answers, his psychic powers slowly began to return to him. None would ever master him, for he had lost mastery over himself and become a true mortal embodiment of the Blood God’s unending and unthinking thirst for death.