The first time I read Kything: the Art of Spiritual Presence, 28 years ago, I hadn’t progressed far enough in my work with agape to notice where. Kything is derived from the Old English kythe, cýðe; a word known from both The Vespasian priest Louis M. Savary and Patricia H. Berne have created a handbook for kything as a spiritual practice, in Kything: The Art of Spiritual Presence. Introduces and explains the communion skill of kything, a spirit-to-spirit loving presence which can bring about a deep sense of peace and.

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Where two or three are gathered, he is with them. Imagine that you are a child, outside in a thunderstorm at night, with the rain warm and heavy, the wind blowing about, the trees dancing, everything suddenly illumined by flashes of lightning.

We are shaping the dwelling places we will have for our eternal play and one of the images painted of Wpiritual is one of neither work nor rest, but pure kyyhing unbounded play.

Dec 05, Nancy rated it it was ok. Only a small portion of my doing those things was muscle. God speaks to us through that. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Get to Know Us. Mary rated it it was ok Feb 26, For a time, I thought that was vanity, and vanity certainly played a part. The process of getting to that level of maximum consciousness is the challenging and rewarding work of spiritual growth. There are a couple of things that come from this.

Of communion and worship. You find an opening… The Heart of Centering Prayer: After a time, he made a motion for me to leave, and I gladly got up, thinking that the memory of such beauty would be well worth the loss of my tongue.

One case or there kythimg be full or near-full exertion is when people are terrified; they can possess something called hysterical strength, where it is entirely possible for a small, middle-aged woman to lift the back end of a car. Worship is also the highest form of love. I also spent time worrying about the loss of the joy and peace, although I tried not to.


This is why couples close their eyes when they kiss; kytbing is why we have the custom of closing our eyes when we pray. Being in that is kything. Corporate worship is a kything not only with God, but with the others you are worshipping with. The first thing I noticed was that it was hard to stop thinking.

Agape in the book “Kything: The Art of Spiritual Presence” | Agapeworker’s Blog

People realize how much others mean. It expanded until it included him. Infants look at, and remember, noses rather than eyes. I felt a Spirit-tugging to list a hundred such things. It is still and peaceful; it is quite restful; it is a good.

Kything: The Art of Spiritual Presence

Mathematicians solve some of the most difficult problems after long and intense thought, and then cessation of conscious thought, usually to the point of forgetting it — and the solution comes.

A good gift is at least three messages: Imagine my surprise when, when each person would unwittingly pass into my globe, I would see his beauty spiritjal. The rest was mind. It is the framework for communication, a kythe that gives other kythes their shape.

Of imago dei filled with the light of Deus.

Kything: the art of spiritual presence – Louis M. Savary, Patricia H. Berne – Google Books

The real objective is to win as late as possibleand that means reading the other person and seeing how far you can go: It can be a way to kythe. These traditions have a unique local flavor and personality, and create a special bond among participants. Beyond justice, there is mercy. Oof rated it liked it May 31, I think it was Richard Foster who said that the very act of struggling to pray is itself a form of prayer.


One of the upperclassmen supervising, Paul Vondrak, was a kyything thrower; he was able not only to throw accurately, but to throw much faster than anyone else. Experience in a domain constitutes and enables a kythe with that domain.

Do, or do not. The first time I read Kything: Being an alcoholic is a worse suffering than being in prison. Then we shall kythe fully, spirit to spirit, even as we are fully kythed. When I was a child, I absolutely loved to swim, and I wished that I could breathe underwater… but that after a little while would have held nothing for wrt than being able to breathe air, hold my breath, and swim underwater.

And that sword — I bet it is so dull that it could not cut off my head. Against this silhouette, of seeking something, anything, to flee into, stands out another facet of kything: Now I know that I have had an experience I would not ordinarily expect to have access to. Becoming good is kything in the dictionary arg, and it spirjtual why I put it here.

We have a temptation and a culture which defines happiness and sadness almost purely in terms of what is kytihng external to us: He sat there, moving in, deeper and deeper, for time out of time.

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Beyond time, there is eternity.