Editorial Reviews. Language Notes. Text: English (translation) Original Language: Bengali. About the Author. Taslima Nasrin practiced as a government doctor. Lingering Shame. Taslima Nasrin wrote Lajja, previously translated as Shame, in , after four novels and several collections of poetry and. Lajja is the story of the Dutta family; Suranjan Dutta, a Bengali Hindu, lives in Dhaka with his father Sudhamoy, mother Kironmoyee, and sister.

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It is a story of metamorphosis, in which disastrous events create disillusionment, resulting in violence and resentment. Jul 03, Vidhi Chheda rated it really liked it.

One thing I really admired was how she had handled the issue rape. He feels threatened and alienated. It was two years then since the Babri Masjid had been demolished, but I hadn’t known of any connection between the nvel and the book. Thus, one may observe how revengefulness virtually annihilates humaneness which affects women most adversely.

Like his father, Suranjon refuses to run away from the country of his birth or give in to communal sentiments he had condemned all his life, but his feelings begin to shift after a terrible tragedy visits the family.

Mesjid ini didirikan pada abad 16 oleh Mughal I Babur dengan menghancurkan bentuk asalnya yaitu sebuah kuil. That how, religion can convert some people into monsters! Further, the boundaries of feminism are not limited to the cause of women as they can be extended to the cause of underprivileged ones.


It nonetheless sold 50, copies in the six months after its publication. Novle a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Di Indonesia faktor agama terkadang juga dapat melibas rasa kemanusiaan seseorang.

The Duttas – Sudhamoy, Kironmoyee, and their two children, Suranjan and Maya – have lived in Bangladesh all their lives. To put these facts in a book demands a lot of courage.

He eventually came up with a remedy as he thought something else. Lajja describes the atrocities against Hindu minorities by Muslim fundamentalists and her main message in it is Let humanism be the other name of religion.

To view it, click here. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Di Banglades sendiri, novel ini dilarang beredar lima bulan setelah penerbitannya To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign novwl. Aq rasa kejadian yg mengerikan di novel itu tak hanya terjadi di Bangladesh.

Let the edifices of religions crumble, let a blind fire consume all the bricks in temples, mosques gurdwaras and churches, and on those ruins let us grow enchanting Gardens of sweet-smelling flowers and build schools and libraries. The family is never safe thereafter as they keep receiving threatening through anonymous extortion letters that aimed at kidnapping Maya again. The book sometimes reads like fictionalized non-fiction with arguments and information being the key subject of book and story only getting the second seat.

Sebenarnya tak perlu jauh-jauh untuk dapat melihat aksi penganiayaan satu agama oleh agama lain.

Book Review | Lajja – Livemint

Di Republik kita pun hal seperti itu kerap terjadi berulangkali. Sebuah peristiwa yang dinilai sebagai pelecehan agama di suatu tempat bisa menyulut sentimen pemeluknya di tempat lain. Almost all Sufi novdl talk about wine; and what do you think that ‘somras’ that Hindu dieties loved drinking so much was?


A group of seven hooligans entered the house of Sudhamoy who had recently suffered paralysis, and began to break the goods of the house. The novelist demonstrates how the abduction of Hindu girls has been common in Bangladesh and how the hooligans do not have any kind of fear.

Book Review | Lajja

Lajja dalam bahasa Bangladesh berarti malu ,novel fiksi yang bersumber dari fakta yang nyata tentang 13 hari kehidupan keluarga Sudhamoy di Bangladesh yang penuh teror dan ketakutan.

Suranjan, mengaku seorang aktivis, anak dari dr. Hindus don’t get licences to start business except when it is in a partnership with a Muslim. Biarlah tempat-tempat pemujaan menjadi sawah ladang bermandi cahaya matahari, sungai biru yang mengalir, dan samudra liar yang tak pernah diam. As a result of it, they decide to leave for India. The story itself was pretty ordinary with lame dialogue and a lot of repetition. Sayang sekali novel ini lebih mirip pada kumpulan berita, sehingga terkesan membosankan.