Huang Han Xun. LUOHAN GONG. Shaolin Internal Training Set. ” As far as the Breath and Qi is concerned, it must not only make the man energetic and his. Revisión histórica del set ‘shiba luohan gong’ o ‘Qi-Gong de los 18 monjes iluminados’ perteneciente al estílo ‘Qixing TangLang Quan’ o ‘Mantis Religiosa de.

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WinZip is required to unpack our e-books. To understand this concept think of not letting a harsh word to reach the intended target by putting no opposition a drop of water on a lotus leaf will slide off or for a martial artist letting the right shoulder go back due to a push and thus naturally watching how the left one comes forward with a strike or saving energy by intercalating soft, yielding movements when needed, with forceful ones.

We then dissolve the posture sinking into the left leg and pulling the hands apart on stomach level like an arch again. At the turn the th and th century Fan Xu Dong several times visited Shaolin Temple where he studied heritage of the monastery. The concepts of relaxation both physical and mental ; the correct work of the leg positions for solidity as well as balance and liveliness in movement; the exercising of the waist, hips, back and shoulders; the coordination between the lower and upper body, the ability to develop different types of Gings relaxed explosive power and the extension and stretching practiced following the Ying and the Yang theory to increase the flexibility and elasticity of tendons and muscles as well as the draining of the energy channels, make this Qigong system an ideal training tool for both the beginning as well as the experienced martial artist of any system.

Luohan Gong

As we describe the gojg movement of the spine using the Three Gates, a special mention must be given to the Dan Tien that acts as an anchoring point from where originates every movement. Extension, flexion, rotation and lateralization. However, if you start to master one exercise after another by stages and gradually increase the time for training sessions you will soon feel positive changes in your body.

The hands touch at the fingertips. In process of executing the set of exercises you also learn to control your breath, which allows to indirectly control your psychic and emotional state in combat conditions or under stress.

SHAOLIN QIGONG: Huang Han Xun. LUOHAN GONG. Shaolin Internal Training Set.

Without breath, mind and energy control the martial arts remain a mere physical exercise and even as such it can never reach the highest level in actual application; that is combat.

All this energy that has been developing finds a further push by the action of the shoulders. The Hands of the Eighteen Luohan has reached us trough Dr. We should not forget that in former times, the combats were to death and the martial artist was actually putting his life on the line.


Now we sink into the left leg while pulling the arms apart on stomach level — in luohah arch-like movement and with a slight tension — and lifting the left leg significantly. Due to it barriers in the channels and the meridians are eliminated, QI flow becomes smooth and powerful, energy potential of the body increases. Of course these qualities are also indispensable for a martial artist facing a combat.

The Hands of the 18 Luohan teaches and trains the martial artists to use the breath, and the mind and to use his body correctly to maximize his physical strength as well as to develop his inner power Luohann and to use and to guide this energy to generate tremendous power in his strikes, blocks or kicks; but above all it teaches the martial artists the beauty, unity and harmony within and without.

Then we sink into the right foot while lifting the left leg as well as reaching out with the left arm in front of the body, the palm facing upwards.

The extremely potent manner in which it works the body with its demanding positions and movements of body, legs and arms, is specially suited to the martial artists.

The restoration of QI circulation makes the blood system stronger and the flexibility of blood-vessels higher, as according to postulates of Chinese medicine ” QI guides blood “. He holds regular seminar in these continents. Luohan Gong is the mother of numerous popular Qigong routines. From these trips to the Shaolin temple, as well as his other work with the Seven Star Praying Mantis system, he wrote five volumes titled “The Shaolin Authentic”.

Then we grab the left wrist with the right luonan approximately at shoulder level and pull the left fist down to the ground with the right hand. It is much the same as when the moon reflects on the waters of a tranquil lake. So the man moves like a lightning in the sky and joyfully he passes along as a victor in all battles “.

luohxn Its role in sustaining the body, its other mission of carrying the nerves impulses luohna and from the brain to the rest of the body, that it is made up by 24 vertebrae plus the sacrum and coccyx, that these vertebrae are stronger and bigger at the bottom-lumbar area- and weaker and more fragile and with multiple nerve and blood vessels running through it at the neck, and finally that that the vertebrae are held together by muscle and ligaments and that the best way to preserve their function is luojan maintain the flexibility and strength of these soft tissues through exercise and an adequate blood circulation.

Wu Wei teaches, along with many other things to use the minimum force, and to reach the goal by yielding. In this form of Qigong the various influences from Indian Yoga are still clearly visible. In this age of information, when one has access to such a diversity of information and knowledge, it is very important to understand that Luohan Gong is not just another exercise to ,uohan introduced to luohaan West.


Trough out the whole form, the back is moved and exercised in the four different types of movements necessary to keep the spine healthy, that is: Then we press the left fist all the way up and while we let it down again we press the right fist up.

View First 21 Pages. Daoyin Yangsheng Gong Exercises. According to the legend, Bodhidharma spent nine years meditating in a cave near the Luohna Temple on the mountains of Songshan in the province of Henan.

An old text on Luohan Gong states: That contains the mental aspect of training.

As a medical doctor, as a practitioner and as a teacher lhohan has seen the same results in students all over the world, I have no qualms in affirming that Luohan is an extraordinary fountain of health and luohxn, an inexhaustible source of peace, joy, happiness and wellbeing ready to be tapped and enjoyed even on a simple weekend of practice. Both, the spiritual adept and the worldly soldier, share many personal traits honor, respect, perseverance, honesty and must master similar abilities physical, mental and emotional only differentiating in the objective pursued.

As the Tao Teh Jing expresses: To be fully concentrated on something it is to be fully there in time yong space; it is to take oneself into the highest level of union and identification with the object of his attention and thus understand it, sense it, and even lohan its actions.

We make sure that the back Ming Men stays open and remain in this position for some breath cycles. Nurturing of the organs. The true martial artist, is some one looking for the meaning of life, with the honesty, and seriousness that such quest demands, and as a spiritual warrior, two of the most important qualities of the martial artist must be: He is completely awareof the situation because emotions and thoughts do not cloud the Mind, the real Luohah and thus it can be natural, spontaneous Tzu Janfree in luohzn its splendor.

All materials published on the website Kungfulibrary. That is in reality what Qigong is all about: We hold this position for some seconds.

Now both palms turn again and face upwards on face level. The Shaolin “Treatises on Fighting Arts” say: It is also important to examine the role that Chinese medicine attributes to the breath; according to it, human beings have two ways of obtaining energy: